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  1. My cpanel lately has been VERY VERY slow, as in taking up to 4 minutes to load on a T1 connection. is there any way to fix this? not only does it take forever, but it also doesnt load the icons, and using every link in Cpanel besides AWSTATS takes a ridiculous amount of time. Any help?
  2. Ok, i'm trying to change my hosting over to TCH, but i'm having a few (a bunch) of problems. I am trying to get my message board transferred here, and each time i backup the database on my old host to upload here, and have the admins here try to upload it, it brings up an error message: ERROR 1050 at line 19: Table 'access' already exists what do i do about this message, and how do i fix it? i am still new, so putting it in the easiest terms possible would be wonderful. i am trying to get this done without losing any information, which is why i need this upload to be successful. Thanks
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