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  1. Hi everyone I am running a blog that uses xhtml and style sheets to generate templates. I have about 10 templates that I would like to switch to and from. I want to add a banner on the bottom of the page, but I cannot figure out how to do it correctly. If I add it to the footer templates, before the </body> tag, it does not always come out correctly. Sometimes it the banner ends up in the 3rd column over to the right, sometimes the banner is obscured by the body of the main column. I am trying to find a way to forcefully push the banner to the bottom of the page, below all of the text that is generated. I was thinking that perhaps javascript could be used to force a banner underneath, but I am not too familiar with the sort of code that is in my blog. any ideas? thanks Roy
  2. Hi I want to offer a few blogs on my site, in the format: blogs.mysite.com/username. I am worried that if one individual has upload access to his folder, he could upload a script that does something like: <? include "../anotherusername/wp-config.php"; print $DB_NAME."<br>"; print $DB_USER."<br>"; print $DB_PWD."<br>"; ?> Basically, a user should only be able to upload scripts to his own folder and not be able to access another folder. Is there a way to do this? thanks Roy
  3. Hey that is pretty painless thanks! Roy
  4. Hello I have no experience with cron jobs, but I want to accomplish a simple task. I want to run a php script every 15 minutes that will check for updates from an RSS feed. Can someone offer the code for how to set that up as a cron job? thanks Roy
  5. Hello I spoke with live chat support today asking about mod-rewrite support. They said it works fine, but that I need to make the changes in the .htaccess file. They said to use the same code and that it would work. This is what I added to the bottom of my .htaccess file: > RewriteEngine on RewriteRule ^/view_item/(.*) /store/item_id=$1 [L] It doesnt work though. Any ideas? Roy
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