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  1. Well that was too easy! Thanks for all your help everyone!
  2. Thanks Andy! After typing all that I checked my sites, for the millionth time today, and of course they were fine.... I still would like to find something to remove any Spyware that has possibly found it's way onto my computer...
  3. First off I'm a Mac user running System 10.2.6 Something strange is happening. When trying to log on to the internet this morning for some reason I kept getting Authorization Failed - changed the password in the PPP, nothing, tried a few other passwords, nothing, then finally tried the password that I know is correct (but was all of the sudden being refused) and it worked. But now strange things seem to be happening and my radar is perked - I can not seem to get open any of my web sites - I can not access the site I have hosted here on TCH nor can I get access to web sites that are
  4. thanks...I did a search for "guestbook" and I only go one return I don't know why it didn't find the others! I'll read through them all a second time and see if anything sinks in!
  5. Looks like I put this in the wrong place -- I really want to be able to do this its not a suggestion! Help please....
  6. Okey dokey, I have created my guestbook, I think and I'm looking at all these funky "templets" - what do I do with those? Please use small words...I'm clueless... Also to set up a guestbook on sites that are not hosted by TCH (but will be next year) where can I find a no-brainer script installer thingy for a guestbook that I can simply cut and paste on to my sites. Thanks FARSCAPE: THE PEACEKEEPER WARS! SUNDAY AT 9/8C - WATCH IT!!
  7. Everywhere I go I find Farscape Fans! Only a few weeks to go until the mini airs!! If anyone doesn't know about Farscape please check out farwhat.com or watchfarscape.com.
  8. I have two domains that are currently hosted by another company, but I would like to move both sites here to TCH. So...after I sign up with TCH for new hosting packages what would I need to do -- upload all my files to TCH or just change the name servers...how do I transfer the sites from one host to another? Thanks!
  9. Thanks, I did submit the help ticket and I'll check those other databases.
  10. Thanks for the welcome! I did look at my registar and the info has been changed so I'm just waiting... So does the upper case vs lower case server name matter or not, or don't you know...?
  11. I redirected my domian name to the servers listed in the email I received when I signed up for a host ing package. I realize this takes time but its been over 72 hours now and my domain name has not yet propagated. One question I have is, your email sent the Domain Server Names typed in ALL CAPS, and I'm wondering since I cut and pasted the info from your email that perhaps all caps is incorrect?? I just changed it to all lower case since maybe all caps was incorrect... I also did a search on whois and under Domain servers there is nothing listed at all and the last recorded update is
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