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  1. I appreciate the responses. OK, I suppose I can live with it. Perhaps some sort of aliasing technique could be explored in the future to cloak the username. Thanks, John
  2. Hi - In the course of testing my autoresponders, I discovered that they include my TCH domain management user name (i.e., the login name I enter to access cPanel) in the headers of the e-mails they generate. Shouldn't TCH be keeping its customers' login names somewhat secure? I am using the autoresponders as part of my mechanisms to fend off spam, and I am not enthusiastic about having them broadcast my domain user name all over creation. Is there any way to prevent this from happening? Thank you, John
  3. I'm not sure that the solution you describe would work for me, as I manage my e-mail mainly through accounts on my TCH-hosted domain and not through my ISP. So, I think that the question of what is allowable would relate TCH's policies rather than those of my ISP. How about if I set up an account on my Outlook client to send as forumpost@**** (although that account does not exist on my TCH-hosted domain), and I authenticate as me@**** using the "My outgoing server requires authentication" option. Will the TCH mailservers accept e-mails sent that way? Thanks, John
  4. Thanks for the reply and for the words of welcome. The thing is, I actually need to maintain those accounts, as I need to send e-mail from a specific address in order to post to certain discussion forums (e.g. Yahoo Groups), and I obviously don't want to use my primary address for spam-prevention reasons. Can you suggest any other solutions? Thanks, John
  5. I have several e-mail forwarders set up on my domain. The problem I am having is that e-mails remain on the account to which they were originally sent even after a copy has been forwarded. I would prefer that messages be deleted once they have been forwarded. The reason is that this would allow me to just use certain addresses as pass-throughs to a main account without having to go in and clean out the various pass-through accounts' in-boxes all the time. Any advice as to how I should proceed? Thanks, John
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