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  1. Hello! I want to install CMS with multiple sites supported. - 1 - They suggest to change httpd.conf file to something like this: <VirtualHost *:80> ServerAdmin admin@site1.com DocumentRoot "/home/www/site1/" ServerName site1.com ServerAlias *.site1.com ErrorLog logs/site1.log CustomLog logs/site1.log common </VirtualHost> <VirtualHost *:80> ServerAdmin admin@site2.com DocumentRoot "/home/www/site2/" ServerName site2.com ServerAlias *.site2.com ErrorLog logs/site2.log CustomLog logs/site2.log common </VirtualHost> Is it possible and do you think I can do it myself or with the help of TCH staff? - 2 - And something about symbolic link... ln -s /home/www/shared/bitrix /home/www/site1/ ln -s /home/www/shared/upload /home/www/site1/ ln -s /home/www/shared/bitrix /home/www/site2/ ln -s /home/www/shared/upload /home/www/site2/ Is it possible to run the command and how to? - 3 - And recommended memory limit for php: memory_limit = 16M How to change this? (default parameter is 8M) I know that the questions are basic... but I am mostly on design side of web development, you know... Thanks for any help! PS The system is already instaled on my reseller domain and ok with as-is TCH configuration. But need to know the unswers before activation of multiple-sites support.
  2. Hi Lisa! Oh? Good, thanks. This will save me a couple of days. Rock Sign
  3. Hello, Want to install ImageMagic (http://www.imagemagick.org/www/download.html?)... But not shure - maybe this script is already pre-installed on our TCH shared accounts?
  4. Opsss... Sorry Monkey Guru! English is my second language... So I got what you mean And I am admin for of my local town forum - and know what it is to be a Big Monkey. Have a nice day!
  5. Thanks Guru! Oh, you are right Mike... - sometimes we are like monkeys but even monkeys knows that: Rock Sign Please, pm me TCH customer only passwd - just in case... for the future.
  6. Hello, I am going to purchase a qouple of .kz domains from local registrar. (40.25!!!...monopoly in action...) Well the problem is they are insisted on this info: ------------- Primary Name Server 7a. Primary Server Hostname.........: ns1.totalchoicehosting.com 7b. Primary Server Netaddress.......: - is that right or not? Secondary Name Server(s) 8a. Secondary Server Hostname.......: ns2.totalchoicehosting.com 8b. Secondary Server Netaddress.....: ? - which numbers? ------------- I know that host names are ns1.totalchoicehosting.com and ns2.... But which Netaddress should I write in? Please, just give me those numbers. I know, stupid question, but it is very-very important.
  7. Hi Raul! Reading about Typo3... And You know what.. Forget about Plone... You save me a months of trial! It seems that this system is right for my purposes. Very clean and elegant CMS solution... And it is run with apache - native, quotation from system requrements: "Web server - Apache is recommended & preferred" - love song. As to complexity - it seems that the system worth it. And there different "complexity classes". In typo3's case even the documentation is very complex but clean and straight. That's it! Soo, hope to post a links to the improved sites of mine soon. Thanks Raul, thanks Rick and everybody! Really adore TCH team! Rock Sign The case seems to be closed - happy end (or start for me).
  8. Thanks Raul for trying! Thanks Rick for opinion! Yes - we need some time... maybe dust settles... I suppose that somebody from Zope/Plone community probably could help. Hey - a great chunk of the web is on shared hosting running apache... But this trick with Zope over Apache - really a kind of mambo-jambo. And agree with Raul - maybe we missing something really obvious. If it is the case, than we move - if not, and things are really as complicated as we can see - than let it be as is - and left Zope down the road:( We are living in the world of multiple choices:) For example - apache's native forrest, lenya cms, and other cocoon based solutions. I have a glance - but those solutions not from "click-and-go" camp. You know deadlines is everything these days - no time for coding unfortunately. Than again - I am still have another CMS to choose from... Any ideas? I have basic needs for cms - nothing special (need to maintain 400-600 pages website, one-two content editors, mostly articles publishing). Maybe one of you know CMS wich is TCH-friendly? (I need free, most projects are non-profit yet, and I have many projects) Yes, I prefer proved-cool-"clean" solutions - as all of us... I must think out how to resolve the case. I have some time - a week or two... You know autumn - the world is going to return from holiday and plug the brain into holy web;)
  9. Yes, Raul... If you share your upcoming experiments with Zope/Plone - it will be cool Ok - going to read the manuals and play with local Plone installation on my old Win2000.
  10. Continue my blogging... Got some how-to's... Not shure that it's about my problem, seems like. Zope and Apache http://www.zope.org/Members/regebro/Zope_and_Apache Putting Apache in Front of Plone and Zope http://plone.org/documentation/howto/HowToApacheSSL httpd.conf http://plone.org/documentation/howto/HttpdConf But it is not clear for me - just never done such things before. I can even wait for a week - maybe you can find out some lucky person, who know something on the subject about Plone/Zope installing to share?
  11. Hi Raul, Oh, yes agree that Zope is not the straight forward solution. But as to cms - it seems that Plone is really good (check out http://www.plone.org) I have one site with TCH account - 400-500 pages of plain html... Really need some CMS. A long ago, actually. Thanks - Got the book, reading something about installing Zope on Linux with binaries. I am not strong in this... Thats why I am a bit overhelmed... Do you think that Zope installation will run on TCH? If you find out, that some of TCH customers run the thing, it will be a good news. And by the way, do you think one from TCH team could help me to get the installation done? And then you can add the step-by-step to your faq list or so, to share the thing with community... What do you think about such an arrangement? I'll provide sample domain on my reseller account for this... And all assistance possible. Than again, asking about it because the task is relatively easy for pro, while seems to be complicated for me (its the first time I jammed within almost 7-8 months with my TCH living).
  12. Hello, Going to install Plone cms to upgrade all sites on my reseller account. I just hope, that one of you have some experience... I really like TCH service and hope that such installation is possible. The idea about changing hosting provider to one of those Zope-oriented hosters terrifies me I need only one installation - or a kind of step-by-step guide, just to understand how, and than I'll do the rest by myself. Appreciate any help...
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