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  1. Hello! I want to install CMS with multiple sites supported. - 1 - They suggest to change httpd.conf file to something like this: <VirtualHost *:80> ServerAdmin admin@site1.com DocumentRoot "/home/www/site1/" ServerName site1.com ServerAlias *.site1.com ErrorLog logs/site1.log CustomLog logs/site1.log common </VirtualHost> <VirtualHost *:80> ServerAdmin admin@site2.com DocumentRoot "/home/www/site2/" ServerName site2.com ServerAlias *.site2.com ErrorLog logs/site2.log CustomLog logs/site2.log co
  2. Hi Lisa! Oh? Good, thanks. This will save me a couple of days. Rock Sign
  3. Hello, Want to install ImageMagic (http://www.imagemagick.org/www/download.html?)... But not shure - maybe this script is already pre-installed on our TCH shared accounts?
  4. Opsss... Sorry Monkey Guru! English is my second language... So I got what you mean And I am admin for of my local town forum - and know what it is to be a Big Monkey. Have a nice day!
  5. Thanks Guru! Oh, you are right Mike... - sometimes we are like monkeys but even monkeys knows that: Rock Sign Please, pm me TCH customer only passwd - just in case... for the future.
  6. Hello, I am going to purchase a qouple of .kz domains from local registrar. (40.25!!!...monopoly in action...) Well the problem is they are insisted on this info: ------------- Primary Name Server 7a. Primary Server Hostname.........: ns1.totalchoicehosting.com 7b. Primary Server Netaddress.......: - is that right or not? Secondary Name Server(s) 8a. Secondary Server Hostname.......: ns2.totalchoicehosting.com 8b. Secondary Server Netaddress.....: ? - which numbers? ------------- I know that host names are ns1.totalchoicehosting.com and ns2.... But which
  7. Hi Raul! Reading about Typo3... And You know what.. Forget about Plone... You save me a months of trial! It seems that this system is right for my purposes. Very clean and elegant CMS solution... And it is run with apache - native, quotation from system requrements: "Web server - Apache is recommended & preferred" - love song. As to complexity - it seems that the system worth it. And there different "complexity classes". In typo3's case even the documentation is very complex but clean and straight. That's it! Soo, hope to post a links to the improved sites of mine soon.
  8. Thanks Raul for trying! Thanks Rick for opinion! Yes - we need some time... maybe dust settles... I suppose that somebody from Zope/Plone community probably could help. Hey - a great chunk of the web is on shared hosting running apache... But this trick with Zope over Apache - really a kind of mambo-jambo. And agree with Raul - maybe we missing something really obvious. If it is the case, than we move - if not, and things are really as complicated as we can see - than let it be as is - and left Zope down the road:( We are living in the world of multiple choices:) For exampl
  9. Yes, Raul... If you share your upcoming experiments with Zope/Plone - it will be cool Ok - going to read the manuals and play with local Plone installation on my old Win2000.
  10. Continue my blogging... Got some how-to's... Not shure that it's about my problem, seems like. Zope and Apache http://www.zope.org/Members/regebro/Zope_and_Apache Putting Apache in Front of Plone and Zope http://plone.org/documentation/howto/HowToApacheSSL httpd.conf http://plone.org/documentation/howto/HttpdConf But it is not clear for me - just never done such things before. I can even wait for a week - maybe you can find out some lucky person, who know something on the subject about Plone/Zope installing to share?
  11. Hi Raul, Oh, yes agree that Zope is not the straight forward solution. But as to cms - it seems that Plone is really good (check out http://www.plone.org) I have one site with TCH account - 400-500 pages of plain html... Really need some CMS. A long ago, actually. Thanks - Got the book, reading something about installing Zope on Linux with binaries. I am not strong in this... Thats why I am a bit overhelmed... Do you think that Zope installation will run on TCH? If you find out, that some of TCH customers run the thing, it will be a good news. And by the way, do you think
  12. Hello, Going to install Plone cms to upgrade all sites on my reseller account. I just hope, that one of you have some experience... I really like TCH service and hope that such installation is possible. The idea about changing hosting provider to one of those Zope-oriented hosters terrifies me I need only one installation - or a kind of step-by-step guide, just to understand how, and than I'll do the rest by myself. Appreciate any help...
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