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  1. I just transfered a friend's business domain to TCH and I can't praise TCH's support staff enough. I had to deal with Verizon (former host) with their limited support hours and if it wasn't for TCH support I probably wouldn't have made it. I have my own domain with (can I say this in here?), YRHost and I will be leaving them for TCH as soon as my contract is up at the end of next month. I had nothing but mixed experiences with them. Support only via e-mail which get amswered anywhere from a few hours to a few days. TCH's Online Live support is such an invaluable tool that I gladly pay more than double to what I paid before. In teh few days that I had to contact TCH, I had quickly realized what I have been missing for teh last year: A host that is availlable for questions and people that give honest answers. I know that no host is perfect but it is a big difference in how they respond when problems come up. I have nothing but great faith in TCH and I am looking forward to host my own domain here ! Thanks again for your help this weekend... Frogbone
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