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  1. Does anyone know how to create a MySQL database without using Cpanel? I am also guessing that creating users for the database would be simliar in concept. I have tried using mysql (the command line version) and have successfully connected to a database that already exsists but can not figure out how to connect to create a new database. Thanks in advance.
  2. Does anyone know the location of the configuration file that controls the mysql access? Should not be hard to write a script that changes the config file when my IP changes. Thanks again, Brant
  3. I have sucessfully configured mysql to allow my to access my databases from my home computer without using phpmyadmin. The only issue I have left to resolve is the access list. I currently have a domain for my home box thanks to dyndns.org. When I try to use my domain in the access list I get bounced but when I use my IP I get in. Does anyone know if you can use a domain in the access list? I would make is much easier when my IP changes instead of modifying the access list every time. Thanks in advance, Brant
  4. This is the same question that has been asked before here: http://www.totalchoicehosting.com/forums/i...=2585&hl=domain It would really be great if what can be put on 1 standard account could be spelled out by Head Guru. My questions for HG are: Can create a subdomain dad.family.net and let my dad but anything he wants on it? Same for mom.family.net, brother.family.net, etc... After reading these post I think it is OK as long and I am not charging for it. My site is not a profit site, just a family site that I want to let the members of my family post pictures and other things related to them. The figured the easiest way to do this was to create subdomains for those people that wanted to have a "site."
  5. I have sucesfully changed the forwards file for my domain. It was located at /etc/valiases/my_domain_name. If you have setup a default address (or fail or blackhole) make sure that you don't get rid of that line. I don't know if it needs to be the last address but it was when I started and I left it that way. The format is easy to figure out if you have created a couple of forwards already.
  6. I would second cmuskett's suggestion that the AUP be modified to explain this better.
  7. OK, just to make sure I don't violate the AUP. Lets say I have www.keeler.com. I create the subdomain crafts.keeler.com for my wife to post crafts for sale on EBay. Does this viotale the AUP? The section of the AUP you referenced states: To me this means I can only have one "domain." I am taking the definition of domain from Webopedia.com. I don't read this as I can not have as many sub domains dedicated to as many topics as I like. If that indead is the issue I think the AUP should be changed to say that.
  8. Would this mean that I could not have subdomains for friends and relatives? Examples: dad.family.com for my dad mom.family.com for my mom bestfriend.family.com for my best friend?
  9. I also would like to see configurable filtering. Rock Sign
  10. I am trying to send an email with Outlook but keep getting the following error: Task 'lardie.net - Sending and Receiving' reported error (0x800CCC65) : 'Your outgoing (SMTP) e-mail server has reported an internal error. If you continue to receive this message, contact your server administrator or Internet service provider (ISP). The server responded: 503 Valid RCPT TO must precede DATA' I am trying to use the BCC feature of Outlook. This worked on the 30th but now I am having no luck. Looks like the server thinks I am trying to relay. Do the TCH servers support SMTP authentication? I tried to enable it but that did not work either. Any ideas? Edit:: I am also getting the same error when trying to reply to an email.
  11. Not that I see alot of other people posting about this but I also would like webmail on a port that I can get to from work. I don't know what other port to use but Port 2096 is not ideal for me either. OK, I did not see the poll before I posted. Anyway just my 2 cents.
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