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  1. Final word from the helpdesk via an open ticket: "We are unsure if this method will work, but we are willing to try. Please send us a modified template and we will exepriment. There is no 100% guarantee that this will work." At least they are willing to try. If it works, then we have an easy fix. I'll make sure to come in here and update this thread with the tested results. -joe :Nerd:
  2. I'm sorry but I don't feel like my question has been answered. I have searched the net and found information that suggests that any mailman mailing list can have ANY of its templates changed just for that specific list without affecting other users. The FAQ link is: http://www.python.org/cgi-bin/faqw-mm.py?r...e=faq03.011.htp These instructions clearly suggest that what I want to do is feasible and will not affect other users. But it does require TCH Tech Supp to create a subdir off of the mailman main dir for the list in question and place into that subdir the templates that mailman will use for my list(s). I can easily supply the templates. I would like to use one mailing list software for all my discussion and oneway lists as it comes free and already installed via Cpanel. All I need is an answer if Tech Supp can help me make the instructions in the above link a reality. (Side bar question: is there a mailman guru at TCH? If the software is offered, then that person shold exist would know what the instructions in the above link refers to.) Thanks. -joe
  3. Hello, Now I'm a little confused. I've been told that I can't install mailman in any other way than through Cpanel, because the email aspect needs root permission to complete (ie. path names, system links, etc) 1) If there is a way to install mailman on my own to create both discussion lists and oneway announcement lists, then please point me towards the proper procedure. (Are you suggesting that I can install a full blown version of mailman that you would have to help me install?) 2) If I were to continue using mailman as installed via cpanel, then prior posts suggest that I can send you upgraded scripts for mailman for installation by you. This seems drastic and could affect other users in a negative way. If I could ask for those script files to be installed, then why can't I have you install just those txt and html files that only affect one of my specific lists? Mailman creates subdirs for each list, therefore changing the email template just for one of my lists would not affect other users. I just change the template and upload it to you to be placed into that specific list's subdir. I'm a little confused and am getting answers that are a bit contrary. Please clear up. Thanks. -joe
  4. Hi, I am looking for more control over my mailman mailing lists. I know what I am able to change via the mailman admin screens, but it's not enough. I know that I can not directly change the files which control my specific mailman mailing list emails and pages outside of the admin tool, but can tech support do it for me? Don't all mailman created mailing lists have a subdir named after the name of my mailing list? If so, then could I have access to that directory? If I can not have access, then can I send Tech Supp the modified files so they can place them there for me? I can grab the source code online, modify the appropriate file, and have Tech Supp place the file in my specific mailing list template directory, ..........yes/no? -joe
  5. Hello, I've placed some posts about mailman in the past and have been told numerous times that DaDaMail is the better software if I want full customization control. Well.... I've downloaded DaDa and installed it successfully as a mailing list on my server. I now want to set DaDa up to be a discussion list. The instructions (http://mojo.skazat.com/support/documentation/dada_send.pl.html) mention that I need to be ROOT to perform a series of actions to make DaDa work with Sendmail. My question to TCH is: Do you have your own specific instructions on how to set up DaDamail? (The dada web site instructions seem generic) Thanks. -joe
  6. Thanks. You guys are WAY better than my last hosting service!! What Mailing list software do you recommend that is Mialman-like, "fully" customizable and is compatible with your servers? Thanks again. -joe
  7. Thanks for the reply. Is the mailman version that can be installed by my Cpanel (aka: the mailing list I'm using at the moment) modifiable? Can I change the email wording per mailing list? Can I change the html pages beyond what is current allowed? You mention that I could request patches. Could I make the above changes too? Thanks. -joe
  8. Hello All, I've got Mailman hooked into my site and running fine. I've been able to change the html code for the General Info, Personnal Options, Subscription Results pages with success. My question to ANYONE at TCH is: When will it be posible to customize the HTML code for the Confirm subscription request, Bad confirmation string, Subscription request confirmed and mailing list membership configuration pages to maintain a uniform look to a user's mailing list experience? Is it a version problem? Will we ever get to use a version of Mailman that gives the ability to change these pages? Also...... How can I reword the emails that are sent to users? This also seems to be hardcoded. Thanks up front. -joe
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