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  1. I'm sure many of you receive a ton of spam as I do, along with email ploys. I got this one today, that looked fairly legit, until I saw it ask for password info. Watch out for this and don't respond. I am including the header and content for your info.
  2. Thanks TCH-Dick, that was the problem.
  3. I'm not sure that your understanding what I am saying. In themes, I also have multiple themes available to me to activate, that's not the issue. If a theme designer has put it in place, you can have a different layout or look to different pages, but maintain your overall theme. Such as on an About or Contact page, not having a sidebar with all the widgets and stuff. There is so much flexibility available, but you have to be able to access it. When different templates within a theme have been designed, you select the particular template when you create a new page, in the Attribute box on the right. Just to see if there maybe a problem with WP, I activated one of the other Themes, then went in to edit a page, selected the drop-down for a different template and other templates were available. I have since reactivated my theme. I'm starting to think that maybe there is an issue with the Theme itself, that there is a coding issue somewhere that is causing WP to not recognize that there are additional custom templates available. Maybe I'll be looking for a different theme.
  4. I just double checked, and it is showing my selected theme. That really isn't the issue, as I do edit all my files with Dreamweaver. The issue at hand is that I am not able to select a different template available within the theme, as I previously described. If you go in to edit or create a new page, on the right is a box labeled Attributes. Then one of the options is to which template you want for that page. It doesn't show all the templates available, and can't figure out how to get the other templates to appear in this drop-down.
  5. I am using a theme that has additional templates available for such things as pages, comments, etc. My problem is that when I go in to edit or create a new WP page and try and select a template that I want that page to use, it only shows Archives and Links available, no others. Those template files have been uploaded and are in the themes folder. I have read a lot of docs at WordPress.org. When I go to Appearance, then Editor, I'm not able to make changes and save them. I don't typically make file changes this was, usually with Dreamweaver, but at the bottom of the page it refers to Codex, which I clicked the link. I read through all the codex info, made changes to permissions, which I since returned to the default permissions. After making the changes to permissions, I was able to make changes to the template files and save them, but when I went back to edit/create pages, still only Archives and Links showed for available templates. Sorry if I'm rambling. Can anyone tell me how to make the additional template files available? Thank you for any and all assistance.
  6. Problem fixed. I started a ticket and about 20 minutes later, it was resolved. Sub-domain not completely propogated yet, so I had to use the IP address in the email client for the settings instead of mail.domain.com.
  7. My first suggestion would be to get rid of FrontPage. Although it will do the job, it puts a lot of crap into the coding. Back to your question. It has been several years since I transitioned from FrontPage to Dreamweaver, so I can't say for sure. I think that when moving files from within FrontPage, all links are automatically updated. Dreamweaver does it, but I could be wrong about FrontPage. What you don't want to do is use open an Explorer Window to access the web folders to organize your site. Doing it this way, the links will not be updated.
  8. I have set-up numerous email accounts under the main domain and have no issue with either the webmail or setting-up and using a mail client. The other day I added a sub-domain and set-up several email addresses under this sub-domain. The email accounts work in webmail, but I can't get them to work with my mail client (Outlook). I have them set-up in Outlook the same as all my other accounts, with the exception of the added sub-domain, but it is a NO GO. Any thoughts, ideas, HELP would be appreciated.
  9. I like this interface in that it allows user a steamlined way of logging into their email, but I'm having some trouble with it. The interface works fine with Firefox, but of course IE being IE is the issue. The interface failed to operate in IE. When debugging, it shows the error in the following line: window.location = horde Not sure what I need to do to fix this problem. Hope someone on here can help.
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