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  1. Hi there. I still have a problem with my Eudora and TCH. I use Eudora 6.1 and a couple of weeks ago I couldn't send any mail because of Authentication Failure, so I solved the problem avoiding secure sockets when sending (in Eudora), so my program don't need authentication and SSL. However, a couple of servers don't accept my mails because I don't have authentication. Here I paste both mails: ---------------------------- I SENT: Return-path: <ricardo@trabulsi.com.mx> Received: from [] (helo=BISHARA.trabulsi.com.mx) by server78.totalchoicehosting.com wit
  2. Hi. I'm new here and I'm trying to upload my site, but there is no html_public in my directories. I'm using CuteFTP, my site is trabulsi.com.mx and my page is down. There are only three subdirs: - http://www.cpanel.net -sys_cpanel/css -sys_cpanel/images. Where do I upload my data? Thanks, FC.
  3. Thanks Rick. Just another question to the forum. My friend sends lots of emails -not spam, just clients stuff- and is worried because the actual host of his site said him that he only can send 500 mails each month. I think that's weird -the host is a little group of friends that bought or rent a small server- and my question is: Do TCH have any email sending restriction? Thanks again, FC.
  4. Hi. I'm a webmaster moving the website of a friend. We already have a host and a domain (www.trabulsi.com.mx) but we are not happy with our current host. How much does it cost moving the domain, where can I do it and how long does it takes? We would buy one of your packs. Thanks, regards. FC.
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