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  1. Aha, there's the problem. I did have Spam Assassin enabled. Thanks.
  2. Whoops... I didn't have my email client set to remove a copy of the message from the server. I feel like an idiot... It still shows that a lot more disk space is used than it should though.
  3. Okay, thanks. Yeah, all the folders are empty... I'll open a support ticket.
  4. I'm using an external email client to check my email addresses (hosted by TCH), but when I delete emails, they only get deleted from my email client, not on the server. I get the same results in Apple Mail as in Microsoft Outlook. However, when I delete emails by going to the cPanel and clicking Webmail, they really get deleted. Also, the email disk space usage is way higher than it should be. In one email address, I have 5 text only emails, yet it shows "4.85MB used". In another email address, the Inbox, Drafts, Sent and Trash folders are all empty, yet it says 12.33MB are used. Can anybody help?
  5. I have a TCH hosting account, but a domain from a different service. Is there a way I can point one domain to my hosting account, and another domain to the same hosting account but to a different page (without using forwarding)? Thanks.
  6. I know this sounds really ignorant, but how do I login to access my account details? I don't have a domain right now, so I can't just use the cPanel because I don't remember the IP address, and I seem to have lost the email that was sent out to me when I first registered. All I know is my username and password. Thanks.
  7. I forgot my TCH username... Not the one to log into my cPanel, but the one used in my TCH account. Is there any way to recover it?
  8. Okay, thanks for your help. So, do I just ask them to park the domain I want and tell them my hosting account?
  9. I have a TCH hosting account, and I had a domain from a different registrar hooked up do my TCH hosting, and now I want to cancel the current domain and use a different domain for my TCH hosting (which is also from a different registrar). So I entered in the TCH NameServers on my new domain, but it still isn't hooked up to my TCH hosting account. Do I need to do something with my hosting account to get the domain hooked up? And if I do, how do I login?
  10. I just have a suggestion: I think for the AdvancedGuestBook installation in the cPanel, you should provide the readme.txt that usually comes with it, so people know how to access the administration panel of their guest book. Just a suggestion.
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