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  1. OMG, my post and the latest replies I made are in both Open and Backend forums! This is too weird. Please tell me I am not going crazy. Between no being able to access webmail, cpanel issues and now my forums posts going haywire, I am getting more confused by the minute. Kathleen
  2. OK now I DID NOT do that! Once I posted this, I saw it came up as in Backend Services. I really no not think I put this post in that forum either now or on the initial post. I am quite sure of this because I was stressed out over exactly which forum to choose and it took me a long time to read all the forum titles and descriptions and finally I decided that Open would be the best forum because I wasn't sure where else this should go and it had the most active posting history. So not sure why this is here. I'm sure it has something to do with why Thomas "moved" it.... Please let me know if I should repost or if someone can move. Kathleen
  3. Couple more questions: I did purchase a couple more domain names late yesterday from the registrar for my main domain. When I signed up, I used the ns1.totalchoicehosting.com and ns2 on their form. After reading my TCH welcome email from back in August again, I am assuming that in 48-72 hours, I should be able to type in www.newdomain.com/cpanel and go right to the new domain's cpanel (after it has "propogated"). Is that correct? Also, Thomas you put: 'moving for organization' in your reply. What does that mean? Was this topic in the wrong forum or??? I thought I posted it in the Open forum but now I'm confused. Thanks for your help. You guys are great. Kathleen
  4. Hi Vi, Well, I was able to log in using the url format you suggested. I checked neomail, horde and squirrel and all 3 show no pending email. I logged in using the same ID/password that gets me to cpanel. I wish I could figure this out, very annoying. Kathleen
  5. Hi Vi, Thanks for your tip on web mail. How do you log in to web mail? By typing in the cpanel ID/password? Is this a url such as used to get to cpanel? I currently use www.domainname.com/cpanel. I am not sure exactly how to log on to Neomail except to go to cpanel and click the email icon. Thanks for your help. Kathleen
  6. Hi Thomas, Well today, it is up again and I can access cpanel. But this has happened before to me. Wondering if my server was down last night when that happened. Anyway to figure that out? I am on 76. Thanks for your help. Kathleen
  7. I was logged into both of these (2 windows open). I tried to open a 3rd window by clicking on the email icon in cpanel and lost that screen. Then I tried to open up the public_html folder in file manager and I lost that screen. Now I cannot log in by typing ****/cpanel. What's up with this? I have been on this for several hours reading here on the forums and doing other work. I just don't understand why I cannot access my cpanel. I also have not been able to access my web mail at all, ever, since getting this account. I have opened neomail and squirrel mail several times but both of them always show no mail. This weekend I have been away from my desktop PC (where my Outlook downloads via pop3). This means that I have at least 2 digests sitting at tch servers waiting for me to use Outlook to retrieve them OR view them via web mail. But web mail shows me nothing. I know there are 2 digests because I subscribe to a forum like this and I know it has been very active this weekend. I must be doing something wrong.... but I have experience with Earthlink, gmail, yahoo, hotmail, etc. Doesn't seem that difficult but I still, I find no mail. Any help for me? Any hope for me? Kathleen
  8. thank you Andy! You guys are certainly fast to respond. I sure appreciate it. Best, Kathleen
  9. Thanks Samantha! Lots of info on CSB at your site and I think it's safe to say you love it It looks good for my needs, the only real issue is with the lack of ability to stretch to fit different screen sizes. I am hoping the html to be imported for that would be fairly simple to find and use? One more question, have you heard anything further about Globalscape's plan for this software? I sure would hate to get it, get up to speed and then have it go away forcing another change in 2 years when OS revisions push upgrading of applications. Thanks again for the great information. Kathleen
  10. Hi, I have one domain here and am in the process of getting another. To register the new domain, I need to input the tch nameservers I was given in the welcome email. Problem: I can't find the email just now (away from that computer). Is there anyway I can find out my nameservers through the cpanel? I still haven't figured that beast out but it looks like it may be a resource. Thanks for any help. Kathleen
  11. I sent this to TCH support and they told me they cannot make any recommendations so I am hoping this is the right forum to post this and get some feedback from people who might know what is what with the options available. My situation: I have space here at TCH but my site is still over at Homestead - why? Because I am hung up on their proprietary SiteBuilder that lets you easily visually make a site, keep it sync'd, update, etc. it's here: www.captivespirit.com . I really need to find a replacement site builder but as I am not a software techie (in web stuff, know quite a bit about databases, word processing, spreadsheets, etc.), I am finding myself stuck on terminology and so forth in trying to decide what might work for me to replace the Homestead program. I'd REALLY love to hear feedback from anyone who has used the Homestead program and moved on to something else, but that is probably too much to wish for . Here is what I wrote about my needs: I am desperately looking for a good drag and drop type site editor to > replace the SiteBuilder at Homestead so I can get off there but it's > hard finding something when you don't know much about the tech specs. > I need: drag and drop, ability to build from scatch (no templates, as a > creative I must have a unique site and can't use premade buttons and > such), ability to add some little scripts/code (like email shield, > mouseovers - not even really sure if thee are scripts or code, see an > html dummy!!), and a navigation builder tool that is smart (retains > links and can be edited when new pages are added or pages are deleted) > and makes a navigation element that can be dragged and dropped onto > each page. I guess that is the most that I need but I am having a > really hard time figuring out which website builders I should even be > looking at and I am fairly sure Dreamweaver is too much for me as I do > not wish to build sites for others. Hate to waste time on something > that isn't even in the ballpark for me. I thought maybe CuteSite or > something from globalscape as I am comfortable with CuteFTP but I am not sure if CuteSite can do the things I need. Homestead > really has inexperienced people like me hooked with that easy to use > SiteBuilder module. I am sure I cannot use it once I leave Homestead > and surely they do not license it. I really wish I could just license > it as I am comfortable with it and can do what I need to.... any > advice for me on software, maybe a short list to look at given my > needs? Thanks to anyone who can give me some feedback. Please don't try to convince me to code by hand using a text editor. I just will not do that although I do some editing of html template pages (BreezeBrowser) for my photo proofs galleries to make them custom for my site. I just am not cut out to hand code a whole site and keep it working right. So advice to use a text editor type to handcode will not help me but will probably just confuse me more. I just need to figure out which wysiwyg site builder will work for my pretty basic needs. Or at least in my naviete, I think they are pretty basic:) See, I am not that savvy.... Thanks, Kathleen
  12. I am so frustrated I am about to scream. I have been having major issues with both my old ISP (dialup) and my new one (DSL) for 2 weeks including no service for periods of time and many screw ups. I had dial up ISP with email and web storage space. I canceled that and just retained my existing email address with them until I can get everyone acclimated to my new one that TCH is serving. I got new DSL with ISP (no email - hey I am having it here at TCH so who needs theirs?). My package here includes lots of web storage space and email so I only have access via the ISP through the DSL. For 4 days now I have had my DSL working (finally!) and I am able to send and receive emails via both my old email (former ISP and still serving through their pop3/smtp servers) and via my new email serving here at TCH with my own designated servers as shown in my welcome email. BUT --first problem-- I am receiving every email into the new TCH email account where somehow a prefix of [sPAM] is being added, so I figure that must be the spam settings I chose a few weeks back when I set up the account here that need to be revised. Also tonight --second problem-- I wrote and tried to send two emails on my new TCH email and got failure errors on both. I got the same errors on my old email account when I tried to send through that account too. Here is the error message: I am able to receive email on both my old email account and my new one so I'm not sure what is going on. Now the third problem as that became apparent when I started trying to figure this out: I can't access Cpanel by typing http://www.captivespirit.com/cpanel as shown in my welcome email. I have my ID and passwords available but I can't even get to that sign in page. I just get the browser telling me it's done and I have the 404 page not found error. Could someone please help me? TIA for any help. Kayleen
  13. Yep Rick, you are right - I used that format link that was in the Welcome email. Thank you for your help with the revision to that url format. I did make it into CPanel and am doing the exploring I need to do to figure it out. I suspect it will be a process that means I become a semi-regular here for awhile until I find my way. Thanks again for the nice support here. Kayleen
  14. OK Uncle! There are so many help screens, movies and forums, I really don't know which one is the right place. The more I read, the more confused I get. I am new and need to set up my email accounts. At this point, I am unable to access Cpanel via the "domain:2082" url. And I do not know how to check to ensure port 2082 is accessible for me (I am admin on my computer). I was able to get to the Index for my user name by clicking the link in the Welcome email for "before propagation". I have no idea what to do once there. I can see it's a rudimentary directory but do not know how to navigate or do anything else there. At this time there are already these folders in that directory: parent, private_, cgi-bin, images, post-info.html. Not sure why these are already setup. And I have a sneaking suspicion that this page is not the actual Cpanel. The Welcome email said this: "Files for public access (your website) must be uploaded to the public_html directory. Files and directories outside the public_html directory are not accessible to the public. The www directory is just a link to the public_html directory." But I do not see a public_html directory. Assuming I must make one using either Cpanel or my Cute FTP once I begin trying to set up a new site here? Could someone direct me to the best place for directions to step through getting to the Cpanel, revising my login and password, and setting up the email accounts I need? I would prefer to read it as the movies sometimes do not play well with dial up and/or my Flash plug in. Thanks so much. Kayleen
  15. Hey guys, thanks so much for the idea. I will check out CuteSitebuilder. Globalscape has been sending me ads for it as I am a registered CuteFTP owner. But I hadn't looked closely at it. I guess I had been intimidated that it was a template only type program. I'll look into it and thanks again! Kayleen
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