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  1. Hi, I noticed that on this page: http://totalchoicehosting.com/web-hosting-family.html (Extended Family - Commercial Sites) there are two websites: Natural Solutions (http://www.naturalsolutionsetc.com/) and Nistock Farms (http://www.nistockfarms.com/web-hosting.html) that say they are hosted at "Finger Lakes Hosting" rather than TCH. That outfit doesn't look like a TCH reseller to me. If that's the case you'll probably want to remove those two sites.
  2. Thanks for the response, Annie. It sounds like it'd be easier for me to use logrotate (a unix/linux log rotation utility). However, after reading TCH-Rob's response, it sounds like I might not even need that, ie., I might be able to save and rotate them through CPanel.
  3. "By the way, we are not ignoring you, I personally am not sure about deleting it. Regular staff should be along shortly to provide an answer." No problem. Thanks for letting me know. I'll check back tomorrow. "Judging by the username are you a gamer or a fan of a daimyo during the Sengoku period in Japan?" *LOL* The lattter, I guess. I was just stumped to come-up with a user name.
  4. "But I understand it would be would be faster to analyze only the most recent logs on your local machine." Exactly. If I had to work with a log file containing 3 weeks of data, it'd be close to 50/60 meg during my site's busy months. "Anyway, I am not sure about deleting the file when you are done downloading. It might work, it might not." If allowed, I'd delete the file and recreate it. Hopefully, one of the tech guys can let me know what's permitted. Thanks again, Dave!
  5. Thanks for the response Dave! Would I be able to write a cron-job that creates daily log files, and resets (empties) the current log, rather than accumulating one big monthly file? (On a daily basis my log files can range between 1-3 meg. Since I process the log files on my PC daily, transferring and processing one big logfile would waste time and bandwidth.)
  6. How are your log files accumulated and rotated? For example, with each new day, is a new log file created, and at the end of a week, are all 7 rolled into a weekly log file? And when are the files compressed? Do the log files contain referrer info? Can I transfer the files directly to my PC using a client FTP or do I need to use your control panel?
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