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    Good Small Blog

    Thank you! I'll visit the WP forum. I have downloaded WP but haven't installed it so I'll explore the cPanel option. I am taking a review web class at the local Santa Barbara community college --- and on the class forum someone asked about hosting; I recommended TCH, emphasizing the help and the forums. It's been a while since I've asked a question, but it's wonderful that the helping tradition continues.
  2. betsyrc

    Good Small Blog

    I am about to learn WordPress and have a new site I'll build in WordPress; I've downloaded 3.0.1. I don't know much about it - just bought the book, Head First Word Press, and rather than using the hosting company they suggest I would like to use TCH where I've always been happy (with several small sites.) Or, while I am learning and rather than getting a new address/site can I run it out of my existing site that I am in process of changing?) Is there any place particular in the forums that is devoted to WordPress? Thanks very much! (I see this is not a very active forum!) Betsy
  3. Thank you , Thomas. "If the instructions from the developer was exactly those, it sounds to me that this data.txt file will be inside the folder that gets created when you unzip the file from him. If he included it, it should be in this folder that he asks you to upload to the server." It was there; I was also confused about the permission of the file, where to find that, but he helped and the form is now up. Is there a tutorial here on making - and activating forms? Betsy
  4. About a year later (smile), I am back. It wasn't critical then and, not knowing what to do, I gave up. I now have a form that a developer made for me. It's a simple form, comments and thanks. And it's in a folder which I have on the site. He wrote, "Basically though, just unzip and upload this folder - then set the premissions for the data.txt file on your server to rwx-rwx-rwx.' I have not found the data.txt file. Could you tell me where to look or where it is? thx, Betsy
  5. Okay, I'll try that. I did ask SUPPORT and it was confirmed that to forward from SaveEPV.org to saveelpuebloviejo.org, I would have to pay $19.xx This, below, is the correspondence and, of course, feel free to delete from public viewing (and, of course, I do - as always - appreciate your prompt responses; it's why I have my sites hosted here, even though buying a domain has been a problem. Betsy Discussion NotesSupport Staff ResponseDear Betsy Cramer, I apologize for any inconvenience. Upon reviewing this issue it does not appear as though further assistance is required. Please
  6. I'll pick up on the subject line, "DARN". I've been a very happy TCH customer and so, wanting to get a domain name simply to forward on to one of my existing TCH sites, a non-profit .org site, chose a name and decided to get it through TCH, wanting to give them even a little extra business. MiSTAKE! Turns out that what another major domain name seller (since the name would be erased, I won't put it in) does for free, forwarding, TCH charges $19.90. Money is really short with the non-profit group (I have done their web site for free) so rather than pay the $19.90, I decided to move it
  7. Thank you! Between the W3Schools and lynda.com, I think I can find and make the form(s) I need. My question has to do with activation of the form. I noted in the lynda.com DW text, "You just have to design and create (the forms) and then let your hosting provider activate them." What do I need to do to have TCH activate the form? Okay, got it. Not sure if subdomains are how I want to go but it certainly looks simple via the cPanel! Betsy
  8. I am thinking about having a form on a Web site that I have designed. It would be a simple form, one that would be a text field for comments - or perhaps just some lines to provide an address, as is required for donations for political campaigns. Although I have not made one before, I think I can do so in Dreamweaver. But how would I have it activated? I've read in the HOT Dreamweaver CS3 text that "almost all reputable Web hosting providers have services to help you get your forms working." I am sure that TCH has such services. My question: where and how do I find information?
  9. And I, too, just saw this announcement. He seemed like the nicest person --- and certainly the most helpful and kind and literate, too, all of which kept me here when first I got a site on TCH. It was a pleasure, also, reading his posts helping others. I love that picture of him and his dog and it stayed in my mind even though it's been a long time since I've come back to these forums. I feel as though I've lost a virtual friend. How odd that is! Kind regards to his family. Betsy
  10. I echo the positive statements. I'm an amateur but have done several sites, including recently several for a little pay, all very small. All I have hosted here. Because of the friendly and helpful service here, I've moved three domains recently from other hosts. I've been struck how much easier it is at TCH for a non-pro such as myself and although I would prefer to work locally in the small city where I live, that is, use the local hosting company, I so appreciate the helpfulness at TCH I go here and have recommended it to others, too. If I had a wish, it would be that the forums wer
  11. Oops, thank you! I thought I had to do something to the cPanel, not just set up a new name in Eudora. I've just done that and feel foolish. I didn't have to change any port or do anything special. Thanks. I really appreciate your pleasant help --- that's why or a big reason why I returned again to TCH with another small site! (And also why I recommend it to others.)
  12. Thank you. I had read that. But I remained confused. Where in the cPanel would I enter the info. (And I don't know where I would find the "authentication info" for the ISP, assuming it is cox.net which is what I use with Eudora. Sorry to be stupid about this. For the two other sites, I gave up, used gmail and never tried an outgoing name attached to the domain.) Betsy <Depending on the current settings required by your ISP, you may also need to provide authentication information for the SMTP outgoing server. In my case, that is my username and password for my ISP account. I can
  13. I had no problem setting up the cpanel to receive e-mail (and forward it to my e-mail client, Eudora) but I am completely mystified as to how to send e-mail using the address of my domain. For instance, I have betsy@saveelpuebloviejo.org to receive but how would I send? A tutorial on this would be very helpful. Thanks. (I checked the help section and I am afraid I did not understand what was there.)
  14. Thank you. I did what you wrote in the first paragraph and then forwarded it to an address I have and it worked. As for the rest, I'll tend with that another day (I don't really understand pop/smtp....) For now, there's a push on getting the web site, lightsoutsb.org, fully functioning. Glad I stayed with TCH, btw!!!!!!
  15. I have tried last night to set up an e-mail account in the cPanel on a new account (this is a second new account, now 4 accounts at TCH - thanks, Andy, Thomas and Bill in the pre-sales questions), but did not succeed. I did not really understand the c-Panel video last night. The choices given for Macs are only for Apple's Mail. I don't use Mail, but do use Eudora and gmail on my Mac. I could not get the e-mail setting to work - or at least I sent myself e-mail from the new web site link address to a gmail account that I use and it did not arrive. Could you direct me to more info - h
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