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  1. As the Up-time page is not giving any data, I couldn't really check it: http://www.tchstatus.com/uptime.html but I'll try it in next days to check. Thanks a lot for this info Ludo
  2. Hi, I am trying to check this page all day today: http://www.tchstatus.com/uptime.html but this is the only info I can find there: " We are re-working the uptime pages. Check back soon. " Are the up-time data made by 3rd party or you provide this data? Thanks in advance
  3. Hmmm, as I think better, I could take 2 separate accounts (ordinary) for 2 separate domain names . So I would have what I am used to. This is also one solution. I must think a little bit, and am than comming... Thank You very much for help!
  4. Thank You very much Rob . Please, could you just tell me (I read about these reseller accounts) is there some big difference if I take reseller account? I would really not resell anything, but use it for my 2 addresses. I hope that is Ok for reseller. Would these 2 accounts than be separated, or I can mannage both from 1 panel? Sorry, I have really never had this kind of account .
  5. Hi all , I am looking for the new host for a longer time, so it is really not that I came here just by chance . I made a long list, and was eliminating 1 by 1, until I came to the point to choose TCH - so Thumbs Up ! Well, let luck be with me now . I am from the other side of Ocean - old lady Europe, but I read around that speed are just good here too. So, this I already know... I decided to start with "Deluxe Plan" and than when/if needed to make updates from time to time. I have very nice community on phpBB Plus 1.3, and I never had any issues with my first/nowadays host - but we are just becomming to big for the small plans that my Europen host has. Well, I was/am more than affraid of this step, but I really hope everything would go fine once I start this process. Few questions: 1. Please tell me if I am allowed to have two domain names at "Deluxe Plan"? I would like to register one by you (in my name), and the other one I would transfer from my old host. 2. I would like to pay using my Visa card. I hope it is Ok. 3. There were 27 members online at my forums once, (other times up to 15), so I would like to know if is Ok. As I already mentioned, I never had any issues on resources, and was never really think about that, but as I am reading around on net about people having problem with hosts just suspending their sites without any previous warning, I would really like to get your opinion first. If needed, please e-mail me and I would send you link to my site to check it . I really can not think about anything very smart at the moment . If I find something new out, I'll ask . Thanks in advance.
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