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  1. thanks everyone for the suggestions.. .got it going. btw... Rock Sign
  2. i tried that also... it gives me a 404 when i click that link. i also tried deleting the forum and starting over, but there was some error. it deleted everything except the cache folder... which is empty. so then i tried just adding another forum. that also didnt work. *le sigh* next step? *searches for banging head on wall smilie*
  3. lisa, i've tried both ways. first the upload, because those were the instructions i had first. then i found the one click option. and i've discovered i actually have a forum setup but i can't get to the admin panel, and a 404 pops up almost every other click. users can register and post but i can't change things or log in and out without errors. raul, thanks for moving this, didnt exactly know where to fit it in my haste for answers also... www.****/forum/install/install.php doesnt work, and www.****/public_html/forum/install/install.php doesn't either. gosh i still feel dumb
  4. ok no maybe to it. i'm offically an idiot. after reading the simple instructions here and the simple instructions over at the phpbb site, i STILL cannot make this @#$@#$ thing work. Mad!!! i swear i'm not an idiot, i know how to upload files (even using ftp woo) but is there some kind of waiting period i'm missing? or something i dunno? i keep getting to the part where i type in www.****/phpbb2/install/install.php that's where the 404 pops up. grrrrrr.... please please help.
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