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  1. I am considering moving my current website to this hosting company and I understand your hosting company runs Cpanel v8.5 (this is the first webhosting company i've run across in my research that does not run v9 something. Is there any plans in the immediate future to upgrade to the newest one ( I believe it's v9.4+ something). Which i guess leads me to another question - my current hosting company runs newer versions of about everything compared to TotalChoiceHosting -- Apache 1.3.31 vs 1.3.29, Perl 5.8.0 vs 5.6.1, and of course cpanel v9.4.1 vs v8.5 Although some of the changes are small -- every version usually has a bug that gets fixed and i wish to make sure i don't run across them while if i decide to host with TotalChoice. What is the company's policy in what is upgraded etc and what is the time table? Alot of other hosting companies advertise that they run newest versions the above mentioned. I guess what i'm wanting to know is am i going to be paying for something that will hardly ever get upgraded with newer (and in many times better) versions. My current web hosting company offers a great autoinstaller called Fantastico De Luxe. Is that offered? I have found it to be very useful and i have not been able to find in your site's documentation whether that is also offered. Can you also elaborate on the 30 day money back guarantee? I understand that for the first 30 days, if i am not satisfied i can get my money back. However, i know it's going to take me more than 30 days to determine if i am happy with the service. So for example, after 3 months, if i am not satisfied, do i get my payment for that month back of am i just gonna have to bite it? Is there a few customer websites that you currently host that i may take a look at? I wish to examine response times myself and perform other tests. Okay, so maybe it was more than "a few" pre-sales questions :-)
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