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  1. know what i realized, i have to go and redo all the links to the pictures, guh.... lol anyhoo thanks for all your help i think im gonna put the site on hold till i make the flash page anyone know good resources? thanks!
  2. hehe, ya i am on a few really BIG forums and i know that phenomanon but i am actually surprised someone replied so fast... thanks to ALL your help! ill have to look into that dang geocities code thing.. hopefully it wont affect things much.... but i dont mind either cuz this move is permanent till i learn some flash....and then make a flash site.... (or attempt..) anyone know how hard that is? all i need is some buttons to click and to show pictures... without ever refreshing the page.. lol er.. ya....... o_O
  3. ohhhh.... ok with that being said.... lol is there any way to mass move everything?! please say yes.. lol thanks for the help bud!
  4. Hey first off i am like a day new here and my site and domain name are all working now, but my problem lyes in when i go to my site www.geta-ve.com and the index doesnt load it just comes up with some folders, im thinking maybe i uploaded the index and all that to the wrong directory? like im really not sure whats going on so any help would be appreciated, and anyone willing to stand my stupidness i thank you because, basically im trying to bring this site http://www.geocities.com/tor_doc/ to my new one www.geta-ve.com a month back i manually copied every single page and picture to a folder on my hard drive, and for my new site i just uploaded all that to the cpanel thing.. the file manager... anyways thanks for all the help!
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