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  1. Jen76


    Ahhh I was beginning to wondfer if that was the issue...thanks so much Mike! Goes to show I shouldn't be doing this stuff when I'm sick haha!!
  2. Jen76


    Ok, bear with me, I've got a cold and am not feeling good, so not thinking straight. Anyways, here's my dilemna...I've got a client that I'm moving over 12 websites from their current hosting to a semi-dedicated server here on TCH. The html for the current websites uses code like this: <img src="/images/logo.gif"/> or <a href="/index.html>home</a> but its not working on the new server, aka the image is not showing, but it shows if I change the code to this: <img src="images/logo.gif"/> or <a href="index.html>home</a> Why is it doing this, and is there a way that I can fix the problem without going thru over 200 webpages and changing the code for every image and hyperlink??????????????? Please help!!!! My head hurts and I just wanna nap, but I gotta get this finished. Thanks!!! Jen JM Dragon Consulting
  3. The problem was never on my end...my client hadn't setup things with their merchant processor. Geez, what do I gotta do it all????????? lol
  4. If you backed it up in OSCommerce Admin...where would the backup file be???????????????
  5. I accidently deleted the wrong database in MySQL....I had it backed up....how do I restore???? Someone help me please!!!!!!!!!!!!!! woooot
  6. Ok, still not getting this authorize.net thing to work...anyone got any suggestions? Everything looks fine, but can't process the credit cards. ARRGGHHHH!!!! Going on 3 days of this now, and my client is furious.
  7. Wow that was fast! Thanks Rob!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Ok, forgive me for not taking the time to see if this has been discussed before. But it's late, I'm exhausted, and I've got a screaming customer. lol Yuck! Anyways, my problem has been with getting Authorize.net (never used before now) to work on OS Commerce. I think I found a contrib that will fix my problems, but I need to know the curl path. Someone help please!!
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