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  1. Thank you TCH-Thomas and Carl for the replies. There were no filters of any kind set for either domain. I tried forwarding to another Gmail account and that worked. I then tried all sorts of other combinations without success. Suddenly while testing the forwarding to the other Gmail address, the forwards were coming through to both that address and my original Gmail address. I know that makes no sense at all, but I then removed all the test forwards and re-created the one I wanted for the 10th time, and it now works. I will leave it at that. Thanks again for your suggestions.
  2. I have two different domains hosted at TCH. They are on different servers. I use an e-mail address with each account (Ex: name@domain1.com and name@domain2.com). In both cases, I did not create an e-mail account on the server, but did create a forwarder to forward any e-mail to my Gmail account. If I use my Gmail account to send a test e-mail to name@domain1.com, it is instantly forwarded to my Gmail Inbox as expected. However, if I send a test to name@domain2.com, it's never received in my Gmail Inbox. It's not in my Spam folder either. I have submitted the issue to the TCH help desk,
  3. I was hoping it could be determined from the pop server setting being mail.******.
  4. I have been using TCH for my personal hosting for 1.5 years and now am considering moving my business hosting here as well. TCH has all the features I need, but I there is one requirement that may be incompatible with our current equipment. When one logs in to TCH to get e-mail from mail.abc.com, a full e-mail address is required for the account name (ex: "tom@abc.com" rather than just "tom"). We have a 3Com Internet Server Linux appliance in house with a user account for each of our users. The 3Com unit handles all our internal e-mail plus it connects to our current mail host using "mirr
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