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    Okay, my friends and I set up TCH yesterday, and today we set up phpBB forums, but we're having some problems: We have a domain name, and we assigned it to a temporary site we had set up for testing out homepage designs. Well, we can access our CPanel, but we don't know where to assign to domain to, and we also can't find the folder location of the forums! Thanks in advance for any help.
  2. My site is considering using TCH as our web hsot when it launches, and we might use the phpBB forum software. I was wondering, because I mgiht want to install some modification hacks: what version of phpBB do you have that we can install from the CPanel?
  3. My site is planning on launching in a week or two, and we were planning on setting up TCH for hosting. There's only one problem: You guys only accept payment through PayPal or credit card. We're minors, so we can't have credit cards, and I've heard some disturbing stuff about PayPal... So...do you guys accept any alternative methods of payment?
  4. Yes! I was originally planning to buy the IPB software for $200 until I found YaBB, but I guess I don't need YaBB anymore...
  5. Well, I noticed that in the plan description, and I was wondering about it: Is therre a fee for that?
  6. I'm considering getting the basic plan for my forum site, and I was wondering: How would I upload the forum software? The forum software I will use is YaBB.
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