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  1. Right now I have cron job for running some php script from a not password protected folder with next command: /usr/bin/php -q /home/cpanel_name/public_html/folder_not_protected/script.php > /dev/null What should I change in the command line if the folder where the php file is placed would be password protected? Thank you in advance
  2. I just opened a ticket Thank you for your help
  3. Ok, now I see that is a TCH issue; Suddenly the code started to work again (I didn't get the popup message again) - no change in the script. This was fine for two days. This morning I'm getting again the popup message. I didn't touch my files for almost a week, so is not my fault. Please tell me what's happening (read again the thread to see what's about)
  4. I cannot figure out what's happening to anybody from TCH - if you have time, please test a bit - maybe you can see if you get the screen. I have to explain the steps because the site is not in english:(: - see the left side of the screen shot - go to www.craiovaonline.com - use for username: craiova - use for password: craiova - check the box Save Password - login - close the browser - call www.craiovaonline.com again (now you should get the popup) - click cancel on the popup window - call www.craiovaonline.com - now should work I want to get rid of the popup
  5. setcookie ("cookie_name", "", time() - 31536000, "/", "www.craiovaonline.com"); this is the line where I'm getting the popup message any thoughts?
  6. Thank you for your responses I think I found the problem (seems to be a script problem - so if you can, please move this post to Scripting Talk). The issue appears only when I am logged in with cookies. The script is checking for the cookie and for some reason, when is doing this the Enter Network Password pops up. I'm investigating to see why the script suddenly changed its behaviour:)
  7. The .htaccess file looks like this: # -FrontPage- IndexIgnore .htaccess */.??* *~ *# */HEADER* */README* */_vti* <Limit GET POST> order deny,allow deny from all allow from all </Limit> <Limit PUT DELETE> order deny,allow deny from all </Limit> AuthName www.craiovaonline.com AuthUserFile /home/***user***/public_html/_vti_pvt/service.pwd AuthGroupFile /home/***user***/public_html/_vti_pvt/service.grp
  8. Suddenly, when I'm trying to access my site I'm getting the password protected screen: Enter Network Password Site: server70.totalchoicehosting.com Realm: Web Host Manager This is happening only when I'm opening the first time the browser. If I'm clicking Cancel and call again the site it is working. If open a new window and call again the site I'm getting again the screen protected. http://www.craiovaonline.com PS: If you click the link from this post the site is working. You have to open a new window and paste the address in this new window.
  9. Thank you Sarah, I was getting the error after I did everything you said:) Anyway, seems to be a browser problem. I'm getting the error with IE6; Netscape7 saved the script properly...
  10. sarah, i'm trying to export the whole db... it is not very big..
  11. I'm trying to use phpmyadmin to export my MySql database, but for some reason this is not working. If I'm selecting to save a file - is not saving the file; if I want to write only the script - is displaying the script for 1 second and then redirects to a page with this message : Missing what Anybody has any idea what's happening? Thank you
  12. I don't what's happening Now the problem is back... check the attachment... anybody, any idea?
  13. now both addresses are working I think I didn't wait enough to see both activated
  14. I have a domain craiovaonline.com hosted by you guys. I went to my registrar and I change the servers to point to totalchoice. My problem: http://craiovaonline.com points to my totalchoice hosted site, but http://www.craiovaonline.com points to the old hosted site. What am I doing wrong? Thank you.
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