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  1. old host does not have cpanel. I think they use their own basic stats program. I do have the logs however... suggestions?
  2. anybody (mods, techs)? I would really like to know the answer to this one...
  3. I guess that would be my last resort... I really want to do it on the server - easier and cleaner. Any suggestions?
  4. My old host did not use cpanel or Awstats. Is it possible for me to import the log files from my old host (about 4 months worth) so that they are viewable in the Awstats program on Totalchoice? Thanks.
  5. I understand it takes time. But shouldn't it be comple in one shot? How can there be differing results. Especially if I switch my high-speed to dialup!
  6. I am in a bit of a crunch. Have to leave in about 10 minutes. Any suggestions or explanations?
  7. Sunday afternoon. But wouldn't it work for everyone? I switched to dialup and I saw the new site. Back to high-speed and back to the old site. Very strange...
  8. My domain is www.mtlweddings.com. Some users are seeing my old site on my old host. Others go straight to the new site hosted by you guys. My nameservers are correctly pointed to Totalchoice: Domain servers in listed order: NS1.TOTALCHOICEHOSTING.COM NS2.TOTALCHOICEHOSTING.COM What gives? How come this is happening to some users. I have tried clearing my cache, erasing cookies, etc. I restarted my router. No go. I am not the only one with this issue. My old site pings at The new site should ping on your servers. 66.... Please help. Thanks.
  9. I just had a similar issue and restored my forums in the following manner: 1. I copied my entire phpbb directory onto the new server (TotalChoice) 2. I created a new database and username 3. I gave ALL priveleges to the username for the database 4. I modified my config.php file to reflect the new dbhost, dbusername and dbpasswd and uploaded it to the server, overwriting my old config.php file 5. From cPanel I went into mysql account maintenace and loaded phpmyadmin 6. In phpmyadmin I clicked on "databases" (In menu "Show Processes" , "Databases" , "Export" , "Log out". I then clicked on my database name and then the "SQL" tab. I chose to load up a text file by clicking "Browse". This text file was the .sql backup generated by the built-in backup function in phpbb. (My old host did not have phpmyadmin so I was backing up my database using the phpbb backup function in the administration section of phpbb). 7. I connected to my new phpbb site! Everything seems to work great!
  10. cool, good answers. I saw on the BBBonline site that you guys are around since 1999, so that answers that question. Look for my new account registration soon! Thanks, looking forward to joining the family. Jacob Jegher
  11. ok, thanks again for the quick answer. I am impressed by the responsiveness. Another question, what is the maximum number and size of the mysql database(s)? I would also still want to know how many years you are in business.
  12. Thanks for the answers. Are you sure this forum is on a shared server?
  13. Hi, So far I like what I see, but I have a few questions that will help me in making my final decision: 1. Do you offer telephone support and is it toll free? 2. Do you offer password protected directories? 3. I would like to transfer my phpbb forum to your servers. I currently have about 70 users and 800 messages posted. I am hoping that it will grow further. Can I expect good, speedy performance? Can you refer me to a similar or larger forum that is hosted on a SHARED server with you guys? 4. If I have trouble transferring the database associated with my phpbb (approx 2MB in size), is there someone who can help me install it? If so, how much will it cost? 4. I understand that you allow adult content. Is it stored on the same shared servers as people with general content (I am worried about performance)? 5. How many years have you been in business as TotalChoice Hosting? Thank you very much! Jacob
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