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  1. My prayers are with his family and this TCH family. He was such a sweet person. He intensely missed...
  2. Greetings, When I go through Cpanel to try to check my additional email accounts, horde shows me the first email account I entered regardless of the account I try to access after that. Squirrelmail just gives me this: Internal Server Error Unable to open engine binary (php) at cpsrvd-ssl.pl line 4488 main::phpHandler() called at cpsrvd-ssl.pl line 3389 main::dodoc_webmaild() called at cpsrvd-ssl.pl line 641 main::dodoc() called at cpsrvd-ssl.pl line 547 I REALLY prefer accessing my webmail through the webmail interface as opposed to Outlook or something similar...
  3. Will we be getting Majordomo soon, or is it something I would have to request just for me?
  4. Hi Rick, I opened a help ticket on this last night and included detailed steps to help them to reproduce the error. I have had no response, though...
  5. Thanks, Bruce. When I change the path from /usr/local/bin to /usr/bin, I get these two errors when trying to upload: ERROR sh: /usr/bin/convert: No such file or directory and Status: 127(expected 0) Error: Unable to make thumbnail (0)! Do we have netPBM installed on the servers?
  6. Hi Family, I am trying to upload an image in XoopsGallery and it uses ImageMagick. (Correct me if I'm wrong, but Total Choice does not use netPBM?) I am getting these errors: convert: no decode delegate for this image format `/home/blah/public_html/xoops/me/xoopsgallery/cache/albums/testimage/testimage.jpg'. and Status: 0(expected 0) Error: Unable to make thumbnail (0)! Anyway, Gallery troubleshooting page states that: I get a blank page when running the disable functions function. Please give me guidance.
  7. Hi all, My domain name (I am the person that it is registered to) is through 000domains My host is Slabhost/iFonction I am using Cpanel 9 Mysql and PHP I have read several posts but, I am still confused about how to transfer my site to TCH without much downtime. Can someone tell me step by step what to do? BTW, when I go to Cpanel to do a full backup of my site, it says that "this feature is not enabled on this machine." I have contacted Slabhost/iFonction to get more info, but I have still not heard from them. Thanks in advance
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