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  1. Don, As usual, your ideas solve the problem! Authentication and port 26 did the trick. I tried dropping the mail. prefix and it did not change the results. With port 26 and authentication with or without mail. prefix everything works fine. Thank you
  2. I tried setting up Outlook to send and recv emails through my domain 'popalockri.com' . I set up the account as POP3 pop=mail.popalockri.com port=110 smtp=mail.popalockri.com port=25 I get errors that says the connection was interupted. OR errors stating the server was found but not responding. Can you help me with the settings. I also tried using Outlook Express Auto Config and tried access via Outlook Express with the same errors. Thanks David
  3. I forgot my password to CPANEL login and tried the password reset screen. It says an email has been sent, but, I do not recieve an email.
  4. Can I have my web site defalut to a page with a php extension. Right now my site http://www.schedulesoccer.com/ looks for the index.html page. I want to have an index.php as my default page or some other name.
  5. I get header already sent errors when I try to include an exteranl php fuile in my main php file. This does not happen on my home server just when I upload to my NEw account at TCH. Does anybody know what I need to do to fix this issue?
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