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  1. Guess I'll go through the files one by one. btw, for future reference. How would I go about running the command under the user "nobody"? Thanks for all your help!
  2. I must have notifications turned off and I haven't visited this forum since this post ... that's obvious. Yes via a cron job, set to run only once. The command was: >tar -czvfp /home/user/backup.tar.gz /home/user/public_html/gallery/
  3. Great! I was looking for a solution to this. Just one question. This error message appeared at the end of the email: tar: Error exit delayed from previous errors Any idea what it means? The archive tested fine and when I unzipped it, the structure and files appeared to be fine also. I just don't understand why I got the error message.
  4. Still searching. I read it somewhere I just can't find it. Placed mine in /home/user/bin/jhead Immediately after setting the jhead path I see this: I originally had it set to no because I figured it was an advanced feature and didn't need to be set to yes to get EXIF displayed. I then set it to Yes after reading your post but it still doesn't work. Thanks for the interest Rob. *EDIT* Finally! After nearly putting my head through the screen I got it set. In order to show the EXIF data one needs to also set to Yes within the Album Properties.
  5. Anyone using jhead to display the EXIF info with Gallery? I "installed" the binary version of jhead but I still don't see any info with the images. I read some where else that additional Perl Modules may need to be installed to get jhead working but for the life of me I can't find any reference to it. If anyone could shed some light on this I would greatly appreciate it.
  6. I had a feeling I was asking for too much so I had prepared a reply ... I was going to come back with PDFlib Lite but on further review ... http://www.pdflib.com/pdffiles/PDFlib-Lite-license.pdf
  7. I'd like to put in a request for creating pdf on the fly with php. I'm currently testing two pdf classes (FPDF & PHP Pdf creation) that allow one to create pdf's without having a library installed but they both are "coming up short". So if y'all here at TCH have ever thought of installing and supporting PDFlib here's another push and if you haven't thought about it then here's hoping this puts some thoughts in your minds.
  8. Really? Problems with server loads? Actually what I'm trying to do is find a low cost alternative to running a couple of development/test sites for some "live" scripts I have. I don't imagine I should have a problem with server loads.
  9. So I'm going have to sign up and rely on the 30 Day Money Back Guarantee to find out? Guess it's a small price to pay. BTW No shell access? Security reasons perhaps?
  10. Read that prior to posting ... it didn't help, doesn't answer my questions. I'm not looking to run the software from my computer and I'm sure I won't need to configure a port.
  11. Just a couple of presale questions. If I have software installed on one server can I access the db on the server here? I have used MySQL like this in the past all I needed to do is put the wildcard % in the Remote Host configuration box in the cpanel. Is this possible here @ TCH? If so what would the server name be?
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