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  1. I got to http://www.****.com/sqmail/src/webmail.php, but I don't really see a [change password] link. Thanks
  2. Hi, How can a user change his password from SquirrelMail? I have assigned initial password from cpanel, but want my client to have ability to change it from webmail. Thanks
  3. Thanks and yes. I would like to change the description: 3N Portal LLC is an Information Technology (IT) Solutions provider with profound experience and expertise in Virtual Home Tours, designing, developing, and maintaining web application systems. Thank you all for the feedbacks and I welcome any more that anybody may have. -Kevin
  4. Sorry, didn't know! Link at bottom of the page. -Kevin
  5. Could you please let me know how long it would take for adding? Thanks, Kevin
  6. Thanks for the feedbacks. I had a problem with my meta base tag. Should be fixed now. Thanks, Kevin
  7. Thanks for looking into this. Are you referring to http://www.3nportal.com/site/index.html site? It uses flash. Do you have flash installed? -Kevin
  8. Hi, I would appreciate if you could add my site and if anybody has time, could give me some feedback on the site, specifically on the Virtual Home Tour Thanks 1. URL: http://3NPortal.com 2. Name: 3NPortal.com 3. Description: Website to solicit IT consulting, Virtual Home Tours. 4. I would appreciate if I could get input on this site Thanks!
  9. Okay, I found a solution for this issue and it would be beneficial for others. I see so many users with this problem. 1> Access Cpanel using SSL (port 2083) https://yourdomain/cpanel or an alternate SSL connection (not documented by Cpanel) 2> http://******/securecontrolpanel
  10. If this is common, why doesn't Total Choice Hosting does not configure the CPANEL to another port?! How difficult would it be for them to do so? It appears that other hosting services, using CPANEL, have done so.
  11. Thaks. I tried the https, but didn't work. I got furthur (dialog box poped-up), but please attachment for the error that was generated. Thanks,
  12. hmmmm. Any day now, somebody will answer and resolve my question... waiting....
  13. From work, I am unable to get to cpanel. The authentication window does not pop-up. I know that cpanel uses port 2082. Is there any workaround? This is very important for me. Thanks, Kevin
  14. This is exatly what I have done, but the site name keeps replicating as follows: *****/site/index.htmlsit...site/index.html
  15. Hi, Are you referring to the the r after the question mark? What does ?rss=1 mean?
  16. Hi, How would I redirect from **** to ****/site/index.html? I created an empty index.html under www I updated the .htaccess to have: redirect /index.html *****/site/index.html But it does not work. PLEASE HELP Mad!!!
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