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  1. I am on server24. I have a little PHP script that display images and their thumbnails. It works fine for the past year or so. Now suddenly it failed, saying mkdir(directory_name, 777) fail. I have not followed TCH's changes/update for a while so I don't know whether PHP has changed or security policy has been change to disallow mkdir 777 (??) I appreciate if someone can shed some light into this so I can investigate further. N.Tran
  2. I don't need support ticket. I can dig out the information to figure out the invoice email is for which domain, albeit time-consuming. That's why I suggest if it possible, please put in the account/domain name in your invoice/statement email to facilitate info tracking. Nhan Tran
  3. I am not a reseller. I describe myself as some kind of consultant/broker/admin for hired (for FREE). I help friends, accquantaince, non-profit groups to setup web hostings. Their needs vary. Some just need forum. Some need mailing lists for private internal discussion lists. Some needs generic hostings. To avoid putting all eggs in one basket, I try to use different ISP. Over the years (for more than 10 years now), I have used more than 20 ISP, mostly inexpensive hosting ISP. My clients, being non-profit or small users, cannot afford expensive, brand name ISP. BTW, the brand name, national ISP's service level is not that great, despite their names. Some ISP initialy are very good. Then their service deteriorate. They probably unequiped to handle the increasing volume of users, or the increasing technical problems, complexity associated with large volume of users. Then, it's time to move again to another ISP. When selecting an ISP, my experience told me to look for one with support forum. In there, potential clients can read for themselve how the ISP handle problems, how they response, resolve problems, what the customers complains about, how customers help each other. TCH is excellent in terms of price/features. There are affordable hosting packages for varying needs. TCH's service is first-rate. All my submitted problems are resolved quickly. Several weeks ago, I followed how TCH handle the disk failure on server27. Their quick work plus continuous follow-up to keep the customers updated on their progress is atypical of the hosting industry. I would choose TCH for my clients' need without reservation. The only minor grip is mailing list. Of the control panel I have been using, PLESK is the weakest. Both Ensim and CPanel are fine. Since I prefer majordomo, I would choose Ensim if my client need mailing lists. Mailman is too unwielding. So I won't choose CPanel. Other than that, TCH with CPanel is excellent. Nhan Tran
  4. Hosting provided by TotalChoiceHosting is very good. I have several domains hosted here. I have a small change request regarding the monthly email sending out about payment. If you could add the domain/account name somewhere inside the email, it would be helpful. Right now, I have no idea which account/domain is the invocie email about. thnhan
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