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  1. I use AIM all the time, used with DeadAIM. The ability to clone AIM is great, much better than sn linking that just got implemented. Also, logging chats is extremely useful. Right now i'm waiting for Ostego to get finished so I can try that out with AIM, and of course the best thing is it's free
  2. I've stuck with FAT32 because linux doesn't have as much support for NTFS which is probematic soemtimes as a dual boot
  3. Xandros looks like a nice OS, its got a geat graphical interface. I personally would still prefer to use debian thoug, because Xandros seems to be based off of that and the graphical interface is actually just KDE. I'm not sure if this works, but someone suggested copying all the config files for Xandros over to debian if you like the interface a lot. That way you don't lose any functionality at all.
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