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  1. Thank you, I didn't notice that but I modified my post. Peace.
  2. Render Blender, LLC Render Blender is ready to launch. Render Blender, LLC is a Lighting Design software support site. We take the WYSIWYG software authored by Cast and provide realistic animated renderings. It is pretty specialized but rather cool. We have a link to TCH on our home page. We are still taking suggestions for fine tuning the site, so Rank Evaluation please. Peace, Tony Rock Sign
  3. Rob, you were absolutely right, it started working mid evening. I still don't understand it but now I don't care. Now if I can just figure out how to add a guest book. Thanks to all, your great, Tony Rock Sign Rock Sign
  4. I will wait and again thank you. My only confusion is that I can hit it at home if I bypass the router, it only fails while the router is in line. Much wierdness. Tony
  5. Thank you both for such a fast reply. This is truly a strange problem, maybe time for a new router. I am able to hit the site by using the IP numerical, just not the name server. This is driving me crazy. Oh well at least I'm learning. Thumbs Up
  6. I signed up over the weekend and have had a VERY positive experience thus far. I am new to site creation and am just dragging through teaching myself for a home business. With the support of your site I managed to create my first home page at www.render-blender.com fairly quickly and painlessly. However, I have a wierd problem, I can view this site fine from everywhere except my house. To clarify, I have a Linksys BEFW11S4 Router and as long as I am going through that my site comes up as cannot be displayed. If I bypass the router, it works fine. This is the only site I am aware of this problem. I can access the main TCH sites (and everywhere else) just fine. I am not sure if this is a Linksys problem or if my lack of experience left something out of my webpage to "authenticate" it or something. Any thoughts or am I just going crazy? Thanks in advance, Tony Rock Sign
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