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  1. Hi, After years of trouble-free use, now Cpanel login keeps rejecting my password. When use the reset password option, it tells me an e-mail has been sent to me with a confirmation code. But I never receive the e-mail. I contacted technical support and explained the problem. They sent me a new password which worked, so I went to my control panel and used the option to generate a random password, I copied and pasted it, into a WordPad document so that I would make no mistake when reentering it again. Then I immediately tried to use it but I had the same problem, it was rejected. Again I used t
  2. Thanks Thomas, I contacted GlobalScape and they corrected the problem. Your replies and help is always appreciated my friend! Cheers!
  3. My PC crashed and now after a replaced motherboard and a new reinstall of Windows XP, I can't register my CSB 4 program. I keep getting a message saying the server won't accept the serial number. It's the same number I've used for years (from the CD) Globalscape server says it's invalid. What the ??? Does anyone have any ideas? Thank you!!!
  4. Oh well, I guess they'll go away sooner or later. I appreciate the help anyway Bruce! Ya'll are the best! Keep up the great work!!!
  5. Me too! I wish there was some solution to stop it but............ well, maybe someday. Thanks again!
  6. Yes, in my Awstats, No 0's, they usually show 3 to 6 next to them. when it first started I clicked on a couple of them but I couldn't actually find any link to me, they just show up in the stats. ?? It seems like all of these sites do it for a short period of time and then disapear. It wouldn't be a problem but I hate seeing these on my stats. some have 4 ugly letter words that just don't belong here. Thanks for the input! Hopefully they'll go away soon!
  7. I hope I'm in the right place for this topic, please move if not. Also know the the volunteers are overwhelmed with requests so it's no emergency but I'm concerned about this. According to my stats > Links from an external page (other web sites except search engines): I keep getting linked to by wierd sites. First it was "gambling sites" then "med sites" now po rn sites"!!! My site is strictly art and photography and is for all ages, it has nothing to do with any of this stuff but every month this crap is showing up in my stats! Has any one else had this problem? Is there any way to
  8. I guess it's been so long since I first did it, I forgot what to do!! I appreciate the help!!! You guys are the best! Thanks!!!
  9. Everything has been good for a long time but I just had Windows XP reinstalled and then I reinstalled CSB but when I try to publish, I get an error: (Error connecting to FTP Server at www.totalchoicehosting.com.) My firewall (zone alarm) is set to allow CSB access. Any ideas what's gone wrong? Thanks!
  10. Thanks Thomas, I tried saving with shtm and shtml extentsions but nothing shows on the page when it loads. I have 2 jpg images uploaded, maybe they should be gifs?? I'll play with it some more. maybe I missed something in the instructions.
  11. Thanks Bruce, I think I still have something messed up, I'll reread the instructions and play with it some more.
  12. Hi, I'm trying to install "Entropy banner" on a page. I've added the banner code to my page but I don't know how to save the page with an .shtm or .shtml extension. I use CSB and I'm don't know a lot about code. How do I do that? Thanks in advance for any help on this.
  13. oops! OK, I won't do that again! I thought my visitors may be having the same problem I'm having seeing the site. as long as other people can see the site, that's good. Now if I could just figure out why my stats say I have no visits! The techs said to keep an eye on the stats to see if the problem persists, I guess I'll just have to wait and see if the problem clears up. Thanks again to all! Brent
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