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  1. David - thanks much for all your help in figuring this out. Awesome support. I submitted a ticket this evening and a few minutes later the problem was solved - PHP was recompiled on said server and the script runs properly now. Excellent support by TCH. Terrific support by David! BIG THANKS. [Now I feel good again about having referred five of my colleagues to TCH
  2. Yup, there's indeed a different in output when running the script from a browser window or a cron job. When run from a browser the GD section reports GD Support enabled GD Version bundled (2.0.28 compatible) FreeType Support enabled FreeType Linkage with freetype GIF Read Support enabled GIF Create Support enabled JPG Support enabled PNG Support enabled WBMP Support enabled XBM Support enabled while when run from a cron job, it only reports GD Support enabled GD Version 1.6.2 or higher FreeType Support enabled FreeType Linkage with freetype JPG Support enabled PNG Support enabled WBMP Support enabled Most notably, there's a difference in GD versions, and the former als reports a "bundled" version. GIF support is also missing in hte later. Guess I''ve to open a ticket to get this fixed.. David - thanks much for your help. Awesome support! Hope the help folks will be able to solve the issue.
  3. I put your script on my server. Here's the result I kind of expected based on my previous experience: (1) When I call the script through a browser (i.e. typing in http://<mydomain>/test.php in my broswer), the result is the expected "1", i.e. everything is fine and looks good. (2) When I set up a cron job like "php -q /home/<my-cpanel-name>/public_html/test.php", i.e. calling the exact same .php file, but now through a cron job, I receive the "Missing imagecreatefromgif", just as I did before. Any idea what the reason might be (or what I'm messing up here)? Me neither Was just curious what happens, as my images are not gif and so I wouldn't expect this function to be used anyway. Was just curious what happens.
  4. David - thanks so much for spending so much effort on this. Appreciate yor help! I followed all your instructions, but unfortunately, I still have the same problem. Not knowing php, I digged a little bit deeper into "postie-functions.php" and added printouts at severl places. What I found is that the problem seems to be with the function "imagecreatefromgif" not being found. "postie-functions.php" has a function named "HasFunctions(...)". This function returns "false" when checking for 'imagecreatefromgif'. For all other functions, it seems to check OK. This is weird, don't know what happens here. When I remove the check for 'imagecreatefromgif', the script continues, the thumbnail generation is invoced, but some other problems occur I'm looking in now. Any idea why the test for function 'imagecreatefromgif' fails? I'm running this in server 82, which seems to have GD installed. Thanks!
  5. David - thanks for your response! Based on one of your earlier posts in another thread, I alreay tried that. Unfortunatly, it doesn't solve the problem. Yup, also tried that one already. I do receive an email, but the output doesn't indicate any error. It's the same output I get when calling the script through lynx. However, the result is different - no thumbnails are created I'm not a php expert, hope is it's something trivial I overlook...
  6. I'm using the Postie plugin together with Wordpress for mobile blogging (i.e. posting photos from my cell phone on the road). Works great. Postie requires periodic running of a php script named get_mail.php. I set-up a cron job at another Web hoster to call this script periodically. The cron job looks like */30 * * * * /usr/bin/lynx --source http://<my domain>/wp-content/plugins/postie/get_mail.php >/dev/null 2>&1 with <my domain> being hosted by TCH. As we know, TCH doesn't support lynx or wget, so I tried to set-up a similar cron job on TCH using php by specifying */30 * * * * php -q ~/public_html/wp-content/plugins/postie/get_mail.php >/dev/null 2>&1 This works and the script is executed (i.e. the emails are fetched from the POP# account). However, postie now fails to create thumbnails from the picturs and fails to adjust the size of the posted images. My *guess* is that it has do with GD not being found when the script is executed from php rather than through the Web server via lynx or wget. Anyone any ideas? I would hate having to switch to a Web hoster who supports lynx/wget just because of this. Thanks!!
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