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  1. mmm, well, i think it's running in single channel 1 G, bcos the rams are installed in the same channel. When they are separated in different channels, the windows craches afwards and restart with 521Mram. too bad... sinjack
  2. Regarding that memory test, I dont have floppy drive in my computer... sinjack
  3. Thanks for your replies! There are 2 vertical slots and 2 horizontaly slot in my computer, and the RAMs were put in vertical and horizontal respectively, and in blue color slots. Lastnight, I took 1 RAM from the horizontal one and put it together with the vertical alignment in black color slot. And it works fine right now, shown 64*2 channel with 1G memory, but I am not sure I have doen the right thing. Should them sit in different channels? Thanks again sinjack
  4. Just want to add some infos here, i saw that in the boot screen, whenever it said 128 single channel, the memory will be 1G, and 64*2 dual channel, in windows XP Pro here, shown only 512 MRam. THanks. Sinjack
  5. Hi guys, My computer doesn't show the correct physical memory that i have. I found that it was 1G memory shown in the system setting as well as from BIOS, but after the pc crashes, the momory became 512M! After I reboot it couple of times, it will come back to 1G..strange. I have a computer P4 1.8Ghz, Two 512Mb Samsung DRR333 Memory, P4SDX motherboard MSI GEforceTi4200 128M video card. Anyone could solve the mystery i would much appreciate it, thanks alot! sinjack
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