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  1. I've always worked at companies in the past were our customers host their sites at our location. With the contract work that I am now doing, my customers use outside companies to host their site. What I'm getting to is that I've never used a wizzy wig to set up my databases and the tables within them. Anyone know where I can get some simple instructions on how to use this or perhaps can give me a brief explanation on here? I know this is probably simple enough, but I've only done this from the command line in the past.
  2. Not really sure, I'm building the site for my cousin. Probably a couple hundred once he gets everything up and running. He has also asked about how he can accept credit cards on the site?
  3. Well we decided to use the Interchange shopping cart. How do we remove the credit card request on this page. http://bigindianartifacts.com/~chad1/cgi-b...gi/process.html We will not be acceppting credit cards at this point and I do not want my customers to put their numbers in on an un-secure page.
  4. "Your Cart has a demo theme installed called "Construct" to give you an idea about how the system works. It is quite safe to modify this theme to your needs. " Where is this file?? Also is it easier to use the Agora shopping cart??
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