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  1. Okay and thanks I am sorry you must of replied after I checked my last email. I am sorry for the misunderstanding.
  2. I have sent several emails regarding this problem and Mitch has responded back although the last reply i heard was 2 days ago and that he was gonna turn it over to the general manager. I have paid my hosting and domain fees and gave the code the bank gave me. Still no site. What else do I need to do? Now after the last email from Mitch which as I said was 2 days ago and him telling me it would be turned over to general manager I got a invoice sounding as if I have had service and as if I am behind on payment. I don't know what else to do about this. Is there a number I can call to talk to someone directly regarding this? Below is a copy of the letter.... [Payment Reminder] Dear Renee Goldberg, This is reminder # 1 for due payment for services provided by TotalChoice Hosting. Notice: Not paying outstanding depts will cause suspension of all provided services. Invoice Amount : $5.86. Invoice Due Date : 2004/03/01. You may login to view your invoice(s) online here: https://ssl.totalchoicehosting.com/modern/ Thank you, Billing Dept. TotalChoice Hosting Date: 2004/03/03 Generated by TotalChoice Hosting. [4.1.2 Build 1c Z]
  3. I just called the bank and they have it going through today (March 1st) must of been a hold up someplace.
  4. Yes I made a payment through my paypal
  5. I paid for the hosting and domain the problem is i havent received any of the information about it. Can u please tell me what to do next? My domain I got was nuenrdesinez.com
  6. I signed up yesterday with you and i received a invoice i replied back askin if u could accept my payment from my checking account and no reply. Did u receive my info? Do u need anything else from me? It was nuenrdesinez.com although I just received a letter from u on the domain name saying it was taken so i picked nuenrdesinez.net and u said it was on hold. Did u take that out of my checkin?
  7. I recently signed up for Total Choice only problem is I also had to sign up for paypal then i have to wait 2 days for bank information cause my debit card isnt here yet in mail is there anyway you can have the payment taken directly out of my checking account?
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