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  1. Ahhhh, silly me. I was trying to cut and paste from the link above, on this thread Need to do it from the email (which I also deleted). CC
  2. What am I doing wrong? Either clicking the link, or copy/pasting to a browser yields a "404 Not Found" error. Is it just a (temporary) dead link? CC
  3. Well, the topics says it all I was analyzing Awstats log last night, but could not figure out what time zone was being used by the default setting. Any input appreciated. CC
  4. I had problems with FTP until I checked the "Passive" mode, after that, all my troubles were gone CC
  5. Very true. I did not know about the Forwarding ability and had created multiple accounts, and had to set up all those accounts on Outlook... Understanding forwarders, I will now delete all but one account and have the rest forwarded. Future email client will require only 1 account set up. YAY! You guys are awesome. CC
  6. OK. My concern was that my domain could potentially be used to send outgoing email without my permission, ie. spam or other malware stuff. Thank you. CC
  7. Thanks Thomas! This will make my life a bit easier, lol. CC
  8. Let me see if I understand Email Forwarders... If I want to have more than 1 email account for myself, I do not actually need to create multiple addresses, instead I can create 1 main email, and then create Forwards with the other addresses I want and have them forwarded to the main (and only actual email address created). Am I on target or am I missing something? Still in the learning process folks, so bear with me CC
  9. Is there a way to setup mail accounts within my website to require some sort of authentication (that sender has an account) before allowing SMTP (outgoing mail)? I am interested in this so as to prevent spam from using my outgoing mail system. Thanks for the response in advance CC
  10. Done and done, thanks Don!
  11. By the way Don, one last question... in phpMyChat, I want to customize the first page (login screen) background which is now white, do you happen to know which file contains this info? I looked in most of the files I thought that would be in but with no luck. Thanks again Don. jixy
  12. Thanks for the response. Ok, so for the files themselves (mind you I am talking about the HTML Chat Room files, not the phpMyChat files), where are they located? I browsed using ftp but did not see any corresponding files. jixy
  13. Is it possible to configure, modify, customize the HTML Chat that comes default with TCH? jixy
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