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  1. I created a Query in Google Sheets which uses a blank cell as a search box. It works fine and retrieves the requested records based on the text input in the defined cell. However, when I rolled it out to my site, I realized that it did not work for Iphone users unless they also load the Sheets App on their phone. The iphone does not let the user input text in the defined cell. My organization does not want users to have to add an app to their phone in order to find their record. Next, I created a searchable form on top of Google Sheets using a company called Xref. Good Dog Agility - Doggie Bytes Balance Query (x-ref.se) It works exactly how I want it to except the pricing is too high for my non profit organization. Does anyone have any other suggestions that are affordable with a fixed one time fee instead of an annual fee in perpetuity? Thank you for your assistance!
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