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  1. Here is my home sactum sanctorum
  2. I think I may have found the problem - the malformed error goes away after I turn off all of the spam filters in SquirrelMail. It also seems to run faster. Do I even need any of these filters on with TCH running Spam Assasin?
  3. In addition to my other problems, I'm getting this error also after loggin in: ERROR : Bad or malformed request. Query: FETCH 102 (FLAGS BODY.PEEK[HEADER.FIELDS (RECEIVED)]) Server responded: Command unrecognized: UID FETCH I'm really getting bummed with this; I've never had any type of problems with using SquirrelMail with my isp account.
  4. Ok, I'm on server27...I just tried to log into SquirrelMail and gave up after 3 minutes of nothing happening except a "Connection closed by remote server" error. Anyone have any ideas? Are there any settings I should make in SquirrelMail or cPanel to fix this?
  5. I'm not sure what server I'm on - how would I find that out?
  6. I just started using SquirrelMail though my site here, and it seems to be really slow - logging in, refreshing folders, sending mail, etc. Sometimes it just hangs without ever doing anything. Anyone else having this problem, or know of any type of solution? The isp that I have also uses SquirrelMail, and I have no problems with that account. I can't use Horde because port 2095 is blocked at my job. Thanks.
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