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  1. Thomas, if I attached the files for the website would that help?
  2. What I mean is -- as CuteSite Builder is not supported any longer, I cannot install CuteSITE Builder. That blocks me from being able to Publish the website that I am told was created using CuteSITE Builder. My limited understanding is if I can Publish the website using CuteSITE Builder then it becomes .html. I can work with .html/.css asp.net .php etc etc.
  3. I am a web developer in the process of converting a website originally built using CuteSITE, to a more modern day .html .css website. After converting the site I would then like to consider hosting it on TCH. Currently I have the website files that are in CuteSITE format. My problem is: Because CuteSITE is no longer supported, I am unable to Publish the files to .html in order to even View the site. Would anyone please help me publish this small site using your already installed CuteSite? Please let me know.
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