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  1. I am trying to connect to MySQL from a remote system, my home comuter, using Navicat. I have entered the default port 3306, my Hostname, my username for my host, and the password that goes with the username. I also tried using the IP address also for my domain. But still I get an error message saying "Access denied for user: 'myname@myhomeip' (Using password YES). What am I doing wrong here? I have defined some users in the Database, and even tried using those to login. Thanks. Martin
  2. Hi, Can I create a subdomain, mysubd1.****, and redirect it to another ip address that is outside of TC? I would like to redirect the subdomain to my DSL network at home. If so, what would I have to do for a static ip vs a dynamic ip. I have a dynamic ip now. Thanks. Martin
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