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  1. Phew! Thanks. I'm relieved. The chocolate one is yummy. U want one? This forum really rocks. TCH tech support & family members also rocks. I've been heartily recommending my friends to TCH hosting.
  2. Oh no! I uploaded my own .htaccess file with the entries for using custom error pages & I seem to have inadvertently replaced the default .htaccess file without realising it. I don't have any backup of the default .htaccess file. What can I do now? Where can I get the vanilla copy of a .htaccess file for my website? Pls help! The cpanel manual is not updated & there are some conflicting info in it. Nothing on .htaccess in the manual, it seems.
  3. Strange. I can't find .htaccess file via the File Manager my cPanel. How can I see it & modify it?
  4. Which is a better technique? .htaccess or the cpanel method with re-edit? Alas, I manage to create a .htaccess file & got the custom errror pages up & running. For the .htaccess technique, I learn that the following must be added to avoid exposing the .htaccess file. <Files .htaccess> order allow,deny deny from all </Files>
  5. Thanks for your response. But where's the .htaccess file that you are talking abt.? I can't find it anywhere in public_html folder.
  6. Hi, The cpanel way of creating custom error pages is very unfriendly & restrictive. I've created some custom error pages with images for my website without using the cpanel way. How & where can I upload them to in my public_html folder, together with the images? How should the html pages be named for this purpose? TIA
  7. Do u have a good sample of a .htaccess file? How does it look like? How to create one & upload it to my public_html folder?
  8. Sorry for the confusion Here's the scenario: 1) I'm a member of a mailing list(like an email version of this forum), which I subscribed to. I subscribed to that list long ago before moving to Totalchoice. 3) Since moving to Totalchoice, somehow, I can't seem to receive any messages from the list except my own post to the list. 4) Other lists(digest versions), which I subscribed to earlier are working fine. Should I unsubscribe & resubscribe to the affected list again? FYI, I'm using the pop email acc. provided by Totalchoice & Outlook Express as the email client. Thanks.
  9. Actually, I'm refering to the problem of not able to receive an external mailing list, which I'm a subscriber to, via OutLook Express. Appreciate any step-by-step instructions. Thanks.
  10. Hi, For some unknown reasons, I'm not able to receive mailing lists(non-digest versions), which I subscribed to. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
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