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  1. I've been using www.lifeofrobert.com/blog for my blog, but have decided to create a subdomain called blog.lifeofrobert.com. I use MT and any URL under blog.lifeofrobert.com works correctly. However, trying to use a rewrite rule to unbreak archive links (such as www.lifeofrobert.com/blog/archive/... to blog.lifeofrobert.com/archives/...) has been difficult. Here is the code in my .htaccess file so far: >RewriteEngine on RewriteBase / RewriteRule ^blog(.*) http://blog.lifeofrobert.com$1 [R] From what I can see, this should work, but the URL in my address bar is not updating properly and the page is "not found." Any suggestions? Thanks, Robert
  2. This may go elsewhere, but I couldn't tell which would fit best, so since it was blog-related, here it goes. I just redesigned my site's structure so that my blog is in http://www.domain.com/blog'>http://www.domain.com/blog instead of http://www.domain.com. The problem is that now all of my archive links that people have linked to are broken (since there is a "/blog" inserted between the domain and archive folders). I know regex can probably handle this kind of thing and there is probably something I can do in my .htaccess file to make an automatic rewrite of the requested URL happen. I just don't know enough about regex to figure it out. I've tried learning on my own, but it's gone over my head. Can anyone help me insert the "/blog" into any http request for a URL that starts with http://www.domain.com/archives/x/y/z/ so that it ends up being http://www.domain.com/blog/archives/x/y/z/? Note that the URL string after archives/ will change with each entry, but is predictable up to archives/, that makes any sense. Thanks, Robert
  3. I've been searching here to see if TCH supports CF to find, as stated above, that it isn't. Not to be harsh, but I'd like to know why not? I don't know much about PHP, but I gather that it has it's own bonuses. However, ColdFusion is still a viable option for many who don't want or have time to get into PHP (like me). ColdFusion seems like it would be a good alternative. And I know it's viewed as a Windows deal, but I also know that it is supported on Linux and Apache as well and can easily work with MySQL (at least ColdFusion MX 6.1 can talk to MySQL, maybe earlier versions can't). Just wondering if it would be something that could be implemented here if enough people wanted it. Thanks! Robert
  4. Hey All, I'm trying to pull in an RSS feed to parse and display on my web site. However, the script that I'm using for that isn't able to do that out of "the box." I'm wondering if there are proxies on the servers as this will attempt to grab it via http. The script allows for setting that quite easily. I searched the forums and site for this information, but came up empty. You can learn more about the script (actually a MovableType plugin) here. Thanks! Robert
  5. Hello! I'm working with Mustard Seed Tutorial Center (www.mustardseedtutorialcenter.org) to set up a web site for a fund raiser happening this summer/fall. One of the functions of the web site for this will be a blog showing the journey of four people as they bike across the US. We are using web services that have been donated to us to create a map showing their journey. The web services are run elsewhere and we will be accessing them on the web site. We have several options available to us to get this up and running, but using webMethods GLUE looks to be the simplest from a set up point of view. I'm wondering if it would be possible to have the webMethods GLUE application installed on a server, or do we have enough access with the Silver package to do what installation is necessary ourselver. The product information is located at http://www.webmethods.com/solutions/wM_Glue/. Please let us know quickly so that we can plan how we are going to proceed. Also, let me know if you need further information from me. Many thanks, Robert
  6. That did the trick. Thanks everyone! Rock Sign Robert
  7. Thanks, but these were already enabled. I disabled as well, in case you mis-typed, and .htaccess still did not show on the list. I tried different combinations (one or the other only enabled, both re-enabled, etc.) and still no luck. Any more tips?
  8. Thanks for the help! One last questions. How can I download a copy of the .htaccess file? My FTP client doesn't read it and CPanel doesn't seem to have a download function. Any tricks of the trade? I suppose I could make a copy of the file, rename it to something my FTP client can see, and grab it, but it seems there might be a simpler way to do this. The FTP client is SmartFTP. I also tried the Windows default, just in case, and had no luck there either (which wasn't all that surprising). I have access to a Linux machine, so maybe that will have something more likely to work? Thanks again! Robert
  9. It seems that the problem was that hotlink protections added "http://www.lifeofrobert.com/" whereas most people probably browse with "http://www.lifeofrobert.com". Adding an entry in .htaccess without the trailing slash for each of the allowed domains seems to have fixed this problem. Thanks!
  10. Yes, this was done automatically when I went to enable the hotlink protection. Sites such as "http://lifeofrobert.com" and "http://www.lifeofrobert.com" were in the text box listed as "allowed." Is there something else I need to edit as well?
  11. Hello all, I turned on the hotlink protection and found that nearly all of my images would not display. So I turned it back off and searched around to see if there was a solution present that would allow hotlink protection to work (as in display images to someone surfing my site, but not to someone who was linking to them externally). From what I found while searching the forums, it seems like hotlink protection is worthless. Everyone I could find who complained that their images would not load was told to turn it off. I could find no solutions that allow hotlink protection to be on and have the images display when browing from the domains allowed. So I'm wondering: is there a solution or am I correct in thinking that the hotlink protection feature is of no real use unless I'd like to have a site that will not display any images. If there is no solution at present, will one be implemented at a point in the near future? Thanks, Robert www.lifeofrobert.com PS The images that did display with hotlink protection on are not hosted in my domain for obvious reasons. One is a Creative Commons license, the other is a hit tracker.
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