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  1. Hi all, This forum ask us to say what we think, so I will do. I have been developing and hosting web sites for 6 years now, the last 7 months with TCH. I tried almost all the most popular web hosters that were around in the last 6 years. I never felt at home like I do here. After 7 months of intensive usage of my account here, every thing have been perfect and everything is still perfect. Quick answer to my support tickets, even if they are stupids. I do not feel that I am bothering some one here. I just checked some other hoster around here, not because I want to move but just because the good old time is missing me, you know when you had to change your hosting company every 2 weeks? Each time I read their plans and marketing bull... I got goose bumps. Today I can't imagine that some people are signing up with some body else than TCH. Keep on the good work. Rock Sign
  2. Hello there, If I am at the wrong place, feel free to move this topic. I have a domain on server53, I am doing something I did hundreds of time before. I am trying to upload a directory that contains sub directories and files. Everything work fine, except that 3 or 4 subdirectories do not upload, but no error message in my ftp client (smartFTP). Now if I try to upload one subfolder at the time, it says data connection accepted, transfer ok bla bla bla, 2034 bytes transfered, no error message. But the subfolder did not upload. I tried to close the connection and reconnect, do not upload anymore. I upload the same stuff on another domain I have on server38, and everything is ok. I use my master username and password to do this on server53 and 38. Anyone have an idea? Thanks and regards, Patrick
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