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    Helping kids learn the game of baseball

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  1. I have a question? can you changed the description for my site. here is what is on there now. South Wake Storm 10u We are non profit travel baseball team in NC. change it to: South Wake Storm 10u The South Wake Storm 10u is a AAU travel baseball team is comprised of kids from Fuquay Varina, Raleigh and surrounding Triangle area in North Carolina.
  2. Can you please add South Wake Storm 10u web page to your list. We are non profit travel baseball team in NC. tks. Mike Lamb
  3. what is wrong with frames if you dont mind me asking. I though it was something new to try and play around with. Mike
  4. tks for all of the information. That was the question I needed answered. I will just have to have them use ftp. Mike
  5. I know that. the account that TCH set up for me is the only account that is set up. I was just wondering if I could see about getting another Admin account set up for the web ncciaau. like the account that was sent to me when I opened my account. the people that will be helping on the web page are not too good with FTP. Pls help. Mike Mikelamb@nc.rr.com
  6. Can you please add my site http://ncciaau.com/ NC Clevelamd Indians 9u AAU baseball Rank evaluation please tks. Mike Lamb
  7. this is the error I get The password file "/home/ncciaau/public_html/_vti_pvt/service.pwd" was not created by this client program and cannot be edited safely using this client program. mike
  8. I am trying to have two people to help admin the ncciaau.com web page. We all have FP and have tried to connect to the server and add a account to that web page. It keeps telling me that that account was not set by this program and can not be completed or something like that. I have set up subweb and put permissions on it. is there a way to set up or make another admin account on the public html dir? tks for your help. Mike
  9. please add my site http://ncciaau.com this is a baseball teams web page. Rank evaluation please? mike
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