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  1. Thanks -- he says it still won't work -- everything looks normal, but no mail is actually sent. Anyone have any suggestions or anything I might offer up as a suggestion for the guy doing the site work? Thanks, Roger
  2. I am a reseller and don't have great (ok, basically no) php skills -- there, I've started with full disclosue A developer is building a new site for one of my hosting customers and has hit a problem making php mail work -- here is what he tells me: "I may not have explained it very well. I don't have any smtp or user/pass information and I don't understand ur system very well. It might not be a "technical" issue. Here is the code I was trying to use. I get the echo but never receive an email." ><?php if(isset($_POST['sbmt'])){ $to = "someone@domain.com"; $subject = "www.**** - Contact Submission"; $email = "formmail@****" ; $message = "test message" ; $headers = "From: $email"; $sent = mail($to, $subject, $message, $headers) ; if($sent) msg = "Your mail was sent successfully"; else $msg = "We encountered an error sending your mail"; echo($msg); } ?> ******************* Can anyone give me an idea of what I should tell him -- how to point him in the right direction? Thanks, Roger
  3. Does anyone know of a variable that can be used to quote the original message in an autoresponder reply? Just as you can use the variable %subject% to insert the original subject in the response, I need to find a way to insert the original body in a response. Any ideas? Thanks, Roger
  4. I'm just a member, so what I say is far from OFFICIAL, but my understanding is that IF the free month is still being offered, you would be able to get it any time you pay a year in advance, so you would be able to get it later. The key is IF it is still being offered -- even though it has been offered as long as I've been around here, the fact is it is a SPECIAL offer and could end any time management decided. - Roger
  5. You will find that TCH is a VERY friendly place, with lots of people willing to help out! Don't be intimidated by Unix / Linux; you can continue to build your site with whatever you are comfortable with and should have no problem posting it here. If you are using FrontPage, you will be able to use it seamlessly once your domain name propagates (~48 hours or so after you get everything set up). Depending on which VERSION of FrontPage you use, you might encounter a minor problem DURING THAT PERIOD before the name propagates, but you will be fine! Once you set up an account and start using it, Cpanel, which you will use for managing your account, will be VERY EASY and very intuitive. And if you encounter any problems, you will not find a better bunch of people, from the user community, to the support staff, to Head Guru himself. Come on in . . . the water is fine and plenty of lifeguards around here!
  6. Taka, Spitwad seems to have answered most of your points, but the answer regarding e-mail space seems to be wrong. According to Head Guru in an earlier post in this forum (http://www.totalchoicehosting.com/forums/index.php?act=ST&f=15&t=318), you cannot use your entire disk space allotment for e-mail, so the answer to your second point "As much as your disk space allotment will allow" would seem to be wrong. Anyone know the answer to this point?
  7. Paul - Hang in there. I am just a customer myself, so I can't help you, but I can tell you that as a reseller that moved to TCH less than 2 months ago, I LOVE TCH and service is great. If you've not already gotten this taken care of, try the Help Desk, where you can do a trouble ticket and someone will take care of it pretty quickly. Don't let this hiccup turn you off -- I am very satisfied with my TCH experience (and I've had a few little issues, but they've been taken care of quickly!). -- Roger
  8. Assuming you know your order number (it would have been on your "Hosting Services Order Confirmation" e-mail, among other things), you can do this yourself without a help desk ticket -- just go to https://www.2checkout.com/cgi-bin/urec.2c.
  9. Well . . . after a week, I hope you've already got this handled, but if not . . . Just create a new mailbox named "andrew" and, from Cpanel, change the DEFAULT e-mail address for your domain to andrew@kantor.com. The other box will still exist, but, assuming you empty it out, basically nothing should ever go to it in the future and you can use andrew from here on out.
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