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  1. excellent, i'll sign up today :-)
  2. like i said, there are ways around it. you can do includes in php simply enough, and changing the default page can be done with a javascript redirect in the <head> section of the index.html file. i used this technique for a couple of years before i learned more about apache. i prefer the .htaccess method for redirects because it is browserproof.
  3. i see that the web severs support ssi, which is good, but it only supports ssi for .shtml file extensions. on an apache setup, it is possible to change this on a directory by directory basis with .htaccess if i were to sign up, ccould i use a .htaccess file to change some of the parameters for my directories? i use .htaccess to change the default index to a file of my choosing (for example, having blog.php be the default index instead of index.html) and more importantly, to parse includes into other files, such as .html. this isn't a big deal, cuz you can do includes in php as well, i just have a basic site ready to go as html files and switching to php will take some time. so to sum up my rather long query: will your servers let me use .htaccess to trick out my directories? BTW: i am a member of a forum hosted with you guys. i hit it probably 20 or more times a day and i am impressed with your uptimes for as low as your prices are.
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