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  1. No, those are real. Sometimes they actually respond to the threads. Trolls...
  2. All kinds of I AM A SPAMMER photos. They use anonymous proxies each time so it's not possible to track them down. They'd come in under a new IP every time, post 10-15 pics and leave. Normally they'd get tired of this in 2-3 days and leave the forum alone, so it's not a real big problem, but what I want to know if there's a law about that, so I can send them a message that what they're doing is illegal, so they stop it right away.
  3. pictures in my forum? If they change IPs all the time and post I AM A SPAMMER links several times a day? Can a police do something about it, or can I file a lawsuit or do anything to bring them down? What can one do to shut down this activity (other than shut the forum down)?
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