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  1. Jack, I too overlooked a very valuable web development utility. Winmerge is free and allows you to compare two files side by side and quickly merge differences. It also highlights Xhtml tags anf php function names. very handy tool. " http://winmerge.org/2.4/index.php " . I strongly encourage TCH to add it to their list of freebies/addons. Yes I found the post you created in your forum.
  2. Thanks for your insights. Stopped by your forum, found lots to read. where should I look for more details to your answers above Tools I am using: >web development tool: DW, notepad FTP manager: DW, WSFTP (free) Image Processing: PHP native GD2 library Image batch optimization: Ifran (free) Image editing: photoshop CS2 Image sharing/plugin: flickr (this is a great free plugin)
  3. SureFire, I believe I read somewhere that your name is Jack, forgive me if that is not your name. It appears that we both agree on : reinventing the wheel is foolplay. Time is money and is the ultimate arbiter on which path to follow in applying web solutions. Your wordpress example is right on. web technology continues to rapidly change, hence requiring more effort and time to stay anywhere close to the leading edge. forcing users to think forward and apply modular, portable, scalabale solutions. We do not have time to trail and error in testing out every new tool out there, we have to learn how to use and integrate a new tool. That is why earlier in the thread, I asked what people thought of a list of scripts rated on php resourceindex, Yours is not on php resourceindex but is rated on hotscripts. Incidentally, I promise to rate any of your tools if I use them. It is fair to ask what takes more time, learning and integrating a new tool or make better use of DW/plugins/extensions? So u see Jack, it is not the $25, it is the time it takes to work with something new. Could you kindly comment on: on UltimateForm will it process/handle all my forms/surveys/etc. or just contact form? will it work with my existing mysql database? will it save me having to create fields in tables? will it save to databse and send out customizable emails simultaneously? Will it integrate with another tool "newsletter manager" and which one could serve a commercial (not some hobby) site? and general web development, Interestingly, would you use wordpress templates as a front end for an e-commerce site that needs no blog? what would you use alongside DW as a web dev tool? what optimization scripts/tools to auto resize/thumbnail/speed up rendering of image media do you recommend? what do you of using flikr on a site instead of gallery for image media?
  4. I will keep tracking this thread just in case someone figures out how to define html mime version and content type in fullbackup.php so that when you set $debug=1; you recieve html instead of plain text email.
  5. Let me ask these questions a different way. Say you want to process forms, store to database, manage newsletters, and have a way to look at history of these activities without spamming and compromising site security. You are using, Web development platform: LAMP , with cpanel to manage site Web development application: Dreamweaver MX (DW) Mysql manage tool: phpmyadmin You can design forms with CSS matching your website using DW, so you do not need a form maker. You wish to have form submission stored in mysql and send email back to person who submitted form confirming reciept and some of the form data they input. You wish to also send out newsletters to groups of users. So with each form and each newsletter: you design form/newsletter in DW. you use phpmyadmin to create fields and tables in your mysql database to store form data. you write specific php form processor script to store form data in mysql, and email out feedback/newsletter You would also like to keep track of who and when emails/newsletters were sent and when forms recieved. I guess you can look inside mysql with phpmyadmin or write script to query database. With so many steps involved, how can form processing, newsletter sending, and admin history be improved? Is there a way to leverage php classes/methods/objects to have generic form processors so you do not have to write specific php code for each form? How can you improve on having to build new fields in database with each new form? Can I get more out of DW/cpanel to manage these activities?
  6. yes, email is from cpanel, yet it does contain HTML while its internet headers is missing MIME declaration. See below. Sorry about long post. There maybe is a way to define html mime version and content type in fullbackup.php. fullbackup.php contains where to send email and to show debug results: Intenet headers of the email I recieve does not have MIME version and content type, it only shows: Email contains:
  7. any comments on how fullbackup.php email send can be recieved in HTML MIME type. this question was asked earlier here
  8. Thanks Bruce. Perhaps someone else can comment on the email mime type generated by fullbackup.php script.
  9. one more thing fullbackup.php sent an email which appears to be of HTML mime type but my outlook recognized this html email as plain text. My outlook is set up to read both text and html types. Is there a MIME type specification missing in the fullbackup.php script that is causing this?
  10. ok so use ftp to write backup file to another location instead of writing backup to your site server to: 1. automate backup process. 2. save web space. 3. increased security should your site drive fails. benefits 2 & 3 are intuitive. Benefit 1 suggests that I may not yet fully understand cron job. Is it not true that cron job automates backup regardless of weather it is writing to a localhost space or writing to ftp location elsewhere. where would I ftp backup to in order to gain greater security? should i ftp to another TCH server machine ( I am hosting three sites at TCH) , outside TCH server machine?
  11. Thanks Bruce fir the super quick reply. testing the following changes: 1) created backup folder with permission level 755 at root level and specified $savedir = "/home/szboora/backup/"; // in fullbackup.php I kept the // Info required for FTP host declarations in fullbackup.php why would you use the FTP to send backup to another location instead of site web server? 2) removed the -q flag "quiet" switch from cron job command line. 3) saved fullbackup.php to /home/cpanelid/scripts/fullbackup.php set permission on scripts folder to 755 set permission on fullbackup.php to 600 4)cpanel skin is " http://www.your-domain.ext:2082/frontend/x/index.html " 5)where can I see what the available cpanel themes look like?
  12. Good morning, 1) code for fullbackup.php in Post #4 of this thread does not include: >// Info required for saving locally $savedir = "/home/stblogs/"; //Save to this directory Code in Post # 97 does. which version do I use and why? where does cron job place back up file? is it overwritten each time? Do I need to create a backups folder? If so, what should permissions be set to? 2)Post # 114 says command line should say >3 30 * * * /usr/bin/php -q /home/********/user/backup.php but Post #4 said >30 3 * * * /usr/local/bin/php /home/youraccount/fullbackup.php . why do you add -q after /php ? which do you use? 3)If I understand correctly, placing fullbackup.php parallel to public_html folder places it above the root, is that true? and does that render file inaccessible? would you still need to set permissions to 600? would cron job command change to >3 30 * * * /usr/bin/php -q /home/********/backup.php 4)My cpanel theme is X v2.5.0, how do you specify $skin for this theme? >$skin = "bluelagoon"; // Set to cPanel skin you use (script won't work if it doesn't match) 5)On a related topic, where can I see other cpanel themes? Can themes be switched without a support ticket?
  13. Thanks for the reply TCH-Rob, will check out Ultimate Form Mail I see that Ultimate Form Mail basic is $12.50 and pro is $45 per license, I wonder how it compares to those scripts see here or to http://phpforms.net/order.html for $29.95 ? Plz chime in, what php form handlers are you using?
  14. Dear TCH community, I am having to learn php scripting & Mysql management. Now Looking at php Form handlers 1. Are there any php form script processors provided by TCH? 2. How do they compare to the plethora of free script handlers, any thoughts? see here 3. Has anyone checked out Phpforms: http://phpforms.net/order.html for $29.95 ? Is it a better solution?
  15. I have gleaned from the TCH forums that members are using the following site search tools 1.Cpanel comes with CGI script Entropy Search 2. freebies & addons on TCH help site refer to Isearch http://www.isearchthenet.com/isearch/index.php 3. one member referred to free Google API thread 4. one member referred to fastfind http://www.interspire.com/fastfind/ in this Thread Question 1: Why would one choose one over the other? what has been your experience with it? why does it matter if it is CGI or php script? Question 2: Which of these or others to use? Question 3: How do I install the right tool? what steps do i take? Question 4: What must I look out for? Question 5: What is a cron job? Thanks in advance
  16. Does that mean no TCH hosted site has integrated IPB Forum Login/log out onto their site?
  17. has anyone loaded this mod and integrated it onto their website successfully
  18. I found this IPB login/logout mod, has anyone used it? has it been successfully applied on any TCH website?
  19. what would you recommend for a chat tool to integrate with existing IPB forum database? IPB database already has member database with usernames & passwords, so is there a way to integrate that with a chat service
  20. For example the phpmychat tool described on TCH's help pages allows anyone to enter chat without needing to register
  21. Is there a tool to integrate IPB forum member database and a TCH website hosted login so that forum members just have one pair of usernames & passwords to remember? Thanks
  22. Thanks for the quick response, Do chat tools require users to maintain usernames & passwords?
  23. Do chat tools require users to maintain usernames & passwords? if so, what would you recommend for a chat tool to integrate with existing IPB forum database? IPB database already has member database with usernames & passwords, so is there a way to integrate that with a chat service if not, then what would u recommend? Thanks
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