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  1. danielbone1

    Irc Problems?

    Hey is the irc server still down or just me?
  2. danielbone1

    Photo Caption Contest

    Thanks so much TCH. Totally forgot that I had entered a caption for the contest. Congrat's to the other winners.
  3. danielbone1

    Photo Caption Contest

    Become part of the fast growning medical field today!! The Marine Mammal Shiatsu Therapy Center will teach you the "fins" and outs of massage therapy! Call today 1-800-SLIPPERY for a consultation!
  4. danielbone1

    Photo Caption Contest

    I tried to call you, but they said the lion's were busy!!! (haha get it lions/lines) I stink.
  5. danielbone1

    Help Desk Kudos!

    And the forum mods aren't bad either Don!!! Thanks to you guys also. Dan
  6. danielbone1

    Help Desk Kudos!

    I have been a customer since 2003 with 8 sites running on TCH. Up until a few days ago I had never really had problems or needed help desk to get involved in my sites. Boy did that change. Since Sunday help desk and I have gone back and forth close to 30 times. Each response from them was within 10-15 minutes of mine no matter what time (I am a night owl). This experience has just confirmed what I have been telling others considering a new host. TCH is the best around. The value you get for the price is tops in the field. I would like to publicly thank, Sam Peterson Raij Nair Richard Laslo Abdul Hakeem for working on my site over the last few days. Keep up the great work, Dan
  7. danielbone1

    Sql Restore Error

    I did that right after posting here. I'll post back their response incase anyone else has the same question and searches about it. D
  8. danielbone1

    Sql Restore Error

    The system is so easy to use I haven't had any questions! Tech support has already moved the database over for me and all seems to be well now. Just one question. Is this always the procedure when I need a database moved to another site on the same server? From reading the online manuals and posts on the boards it seems that I should have been able to do this myself. If so, not sure where I went wrong. Thanks again for the welcome and the instant help, D
  9. danielbone1

    Sql Restore Error

    Thanks, I have been lurking for about 3 years already. Time flies.
  10. danielbone1

    Sql Restore Error

    Thanks Bruce. Doing it as we speak. D
  11. danielbone1

    Sql Restore Error

    Hello all, I have restored a database from one of my sites and want to move it to another site on my server. I have done a backup through Cpanel and Restore on the new URL thru Cpanel, and I get the "restoring database" page, but it doesn't show up. When I try it thru phpmyadmin, I get the "database exists" error. This is my first time trying this so I am hoping that I have followed the step correctly. I also checked for this error message on the boards first before posting. Didn't see anything as of yet. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, D