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  1. Yeah, I know RoundCube is pre-Alpha right now, but it looks really nice. Ah, I didn't know the version of SquirrelMail was dependent on the cPanel install. SquirrelMail works, sometimes. Other times I keep getting timeout errors. I've seen other threads on the forums where people were having the same problem. I was just wondering if for that reason TCH was doing anything to simply fix the problem for everyone rather than one help ticket at a time. If not everyone is having this issue, how is that? The PHP upgrade should be affecting everyone. I don't do anything fancy with SquirrelM
  2. Has anyone tried to install RoundCube on a TCH server? Did it work out? A couple other random questions: SquirrelMail is screwed up apparently because of the recent TCH upgrade to PHP 4.4.1. What's the rationale behind PHP not being patched/upgraded to fix this? And why is SquirrelMail still at 1.4.3a on TCH when 1.4.5 has been out since last July? However, that would not fix the current problem with PHP anyway, right? I have more than one website hosting at TCH, and I've noticed that the cPanel layout is different between the websites. One uses big icons, the other uses text.
  3. Thanks, it seems to be working now. Yeah, I don't know what was going on either with the extensions to block (I mean, I know it was a regular expression, but beyond that...). I'm pretty sure that's just what was there by default. I still don't understand why it says "Extensions to allow" instead of disallow or block. Very confusing.
  4. I've noticed that some of my graphics are being hotlinked from other websites, particularly from myspace.com. I have hotlink protection enabled, but it doesn't seem to be stopping these people from doing it. I know there are ways around the protection, but it seems unlikely that that's the case here. I have to wonder if the protection isn't configured correctly. Here's how I have it: Urls to Allow Access: http://lazytiger.com http://rick.lazytiger.com http://webmail.lazytiger.com http://www.lazytiger.com http://www.rick.lazytiger.com http://www.webmail.lazytiger.com Extension
  5. Yeah, I see how that works. That's actually pretty much how my site is set up now, having each page pull in menu and footer includes, except that the header info is hard-coded. That would just make the header dynamic as well. Not a bad idea at all. However, it seems a bit cleaner to have one template with all the structure calling in content-only files. I know, the way it is there's very minimal structure in the content files, but still, it has calls repeated in each file. What if I want to change the calls? I'd have to do it for each file. It would be so nice if the content files h
  6. I have a PHP template set up that calls another file for the body of the page. That's all well and good, but I also want to change the title of the page, which of course is not in the body. It would be super cool and easy if I could just put an <? echo $title; ?> in the template title and then define the title in the body file. Everything is in one place for one page. Of course, it doesn't work the way I want because I'm defining the variable after it's been called. Is there any way to do what I want to do with a little bit of trickery? Or fail that, by whatever means? Thank
  7. Jeez, sometimes I'm annoyed at how easy things are! I removed the "page" but not the "/" after it from the rule. Regular expressions are so picky, and I don't know the ins and outs of them. I'm wondering why every example under the sun uses that extra directory if it's not necessary. Do people like deep directories? Thanks for helping me yet again, David!
  8. I'm experimenting with mod_rewrite on my site. I have a question about the extra directories it uses. In the following simple example, I am required to use an extra directory called "page" in the URL. RewriteEngine on RewriteRule ^page/([^/\.]+)/?$ index.php?page=$1 [L] So, for example, "http://lazytiger.com/page/whatever" would work, but "http://lazytiger.com/whatever" won't. Why must I have the extra "page" directory? Is there any way to have it not use an extraneous directory? I know simply taking "page" out of the rule doesn't work. Thanks.
  9. Thanks for the error suppression tips. Though, I think I'd actually prefer to continue using SPGM. It's a simpler, smaller package and I don't know of any glaring errors in it such as those in SPG. The one issue that I hope to resolve is to have it use mod_rewrite. I'm very close. I found these two sources of information: http://www.schilken.de/weblog/archives/200...static-urls.htm http://blog.anhtran.info/2005/04/17/mod_rewrite-for-albums/ The second one seems to be more thorough in its approach, but note my comments on that page. I haven't been able to get it to work; the "pre
  10. Thanks for looking around for answers for me. Truly, TCH rocks. I've looked through those threads already, and I'm starting to think that SPG isn't worth the trouble. I don't want to use code that I have to track down bugs myself just to make it useable! Well, technically I guess it does work, but I'd prefer that my error_log file not be 10MB after a month. The gallery I've been using, SPGM (Simple Picture Gallery Manager), is a lot simpler (basically, it's just a single 64K php file) and less buggy. The one main feature I wish it had that it doesn't is "prettified" URLs. If I cou
  11. I hope all these steps help someone else someday... Because I should probably be figuring out some of this stuff before I run and post something on the forum. OK. SPG is able to create the cache files now that I've set everything to 777. It's on my local machine, so I'm not worried about security. But what about when I finally upload this stuff to my TCH account? It shouldn't need to be 777, should it? Also, I'm still getting some Apache errors: >[Sat Sep 10 14:38:48 2005] [error] PHP Notice: Undefined index: dirinfo in /Users/jeff/Sites/lazytiger/visual/sp_def_vars.ph
  12. Thanks. I'm still having one last issue, though. I'm trying to install a photo gallery software package called Simple PHP Gallery. (not simple enough, eh?) SPG uses GD to create thumbnails, and then it creates a folder to cache the thumbnails in. I know GD is working, but caching doesn't seem to be. I'm assuming it's because SPG doesn't have rights to create or read/write to the cache folder. I even manually created it, but SPG doesn't write anything into it. All SPG files are set to 755, but still caching doesn't work. I get the following errors in the Apache error log file: >[
  13. Sigh... I'm sorry. Had mod_rewrite set to false in another config file. That was the problem. now that's working, too. Now some other HTML/PHP stuff is broken, but that's another issue.
  14. Correction! I am able to view the folder now. I forgot to sudo when opening my user.conf file, and some changes I thought I had made hadn't been saved. The .htaccess file is working now because it's going to the correct index page. BUT, there are still a lot of errors. I have PHP scripts for the gallery to create and store thumbnails and stuff (not written by me, so it should work!), but apparently the script does not have permission to create directories. mod_rewrite doesn't seem to be working, even though it's requested in .htaccess. mod_rewrite is loaded as far as I can tell in th
  15. I'm still getting the first error (Options FollowSymLinks or SymLinksIfOwnerMatch is off ...) but not the second, for whatever reason. When I try to access the folder through the web browser, I get a "403 Forbidden" message. I've checked all the permissions; the directory and everything in it is 755, although the contents probably only need to be 744. ??
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